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  1. Wiped Out

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    Happy Friday Friends!

    This has been an incredibly long week and Friday is finally here!!! Even so, it will still be a long day but with more fun. After work is our end of the year party (I'm planning on going but right now I'm exhausted) and then husband and I are going to see a late movie. I also asked a friend to come and she is planning on coming too. Now I just have to figure out a way to stay awake during the movie!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. smallworld

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    Good morning everyone!

    Sharon, hope you stay awake for your party and the movie.

    We're on the final school stretch here. A has her last final this morning, and then she's officially a high schooler! There's a party this afternoon to celebrate 8th grade "graduation."

    J has his last final exam next Friday. We have his IEP meeting next Friday at noon (how's that for leaving it for the very last minute?). And M finishes 5th grade on June 16. Ahhhh, summer!

    Hope today is happy. Have a great weekend, everyone!
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  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon, staying awake on a Friday night calls for a huge mug of coffee at 3 - at least that is what I do! Have a fun evening - One More Week!!!!!!!!!!!

    Small, difficult child will be where A is in one year! Where does that time go so quickly? You know, speaking of waiting until the last minute - I haven't heard from difficult child's case worker regarding his annual review yet?! Nothing this year......... Congrats to A, J, and M - sounds like a June of celebrations at your house!

    It's pouring out there today and I skipped easy child's class at the gym. The coffee and the sofa just looked too appealing this morning!

    Nothing really on the agenda but grocer this morning and lunch with my cousin. A little down time....

    Have a great Friday!

  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all. It rained like crazy last night. Just buckets.

    Wiped out this school year passed quickly. I hope you get a rest soon. I can't imagine all the things in your week that you must do.

    Small, A is in high school! It's amazing how quickly time passes.

    LDM, hope your rain wasn't as bad as ours was but our flowers are loving it. My hydreanga's are in full bloom and a sight to behold. I don't blame you for skipping the 6aM class on a day like today. Your easy child is a trooper.

    difficult child has been in Va. Beach all week. It's been so peaceful. Not that he is a problem but I find grown boys/men are very loud and make a lot of noise.

    easy child had his college orientation. He seems quite happy with his decisions to go to school in Florida and continue to work 2 days a week. He is in a better place maturity wise and maybe school won't be so overwhelming. He is a good kid. I encouraged him to be an independent thinker and then he wouldn't listen to me. : ) Funny how that happens.

    I'm hoping for one last peaceful weekend before the summer whirlwind. Hope your Friday is a fun one.
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, I hope you get to the movie. Hopefully it will be exciting enough for you to stay awake. Sleep through the commercial promo stuff at the beginning instead.

    Smallworld, I hope the IEP meeting goes well. Do you think the summer will give them enough time to write the IEP for him? Or maybe they need a longer run-up?

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy a quiet day. Sometimes the couch is the best place to be.

    Fran, I hope easy child now feels settled enough to follow through will college. Sometimes a bit of maturity can make a lot of difference to how well a person copes.

    My fever eased off a lot during the night, I woke bathed in sweat and throwing off the bedclothes. husband, ever solicitous, kept covering me back up. I checked my temp and for the first time in days it was normal. So I got up, turned on the hot water heater and began getting ready to go out. I desperately needed to have a thorough shower (wash off all the fever sweat) so I washed my hair as well but used the hair dryer so I wouldn't get a chill from the cold winter day outside.

    The sun was out but we could see snow clouds over the mountains. We collected mother in law and headed out, first stop her specialist appointment. My GP's office had rung before we left, offering me a late afternoon appointment but I knew I'd want to be home by then. I declined but asked to be kept in mind should a better opportunity arise. With winter and our regular flu load on the community anyway, add in the panic over swine flu and you can understand why doctors everywhere are overworked at the moment.

    After dropping off mother in law I drove difficult child 3 to the city univeristy and his therapist appointment. We had time to do it leisurely. Just as his appointment started, the GP's office rang again. I was offered two earlier times, I grabbed the earliest one gratefully. But difficult child 3's appointment went a bit over time so I had to rush a bit (traffic out of Sydney was ridiculously thick so early in the afternoon). Still, we got back in time, the doctor's receptionist blamed it on holiday traffic. A major long weekend starts today.

    The doctor - says my blood tests (like difficult child 3's) show possible infwction with mycoplasma, we need repeat tests to confirm. Definite signs of bacterial infection (raised white count especially neutrophils). So I've just looked up mycoplasma. It would make sense, with all three of us. husband is still coughing, wouldn't get the antibiotics filled (although if it was mycoplasma, he probably should have). I CAN'T take antibiotics, I would have preferred the first infected person in the house (difficult child 3) could have been given the antibiotics when we had the chance, but the doctor he saw in Newcastle wouldn't do it.

    The other possibility (because of the cough being so bad) is whooping cough. I'm sceptical. She's ordered the blood test to check it out.

    But despite this being a long weekend, the doctor reminded me she is on duty tomorrow, will check the blood test results and call me if I need to take antibiotics. To do this, she will need to ring another specialist I've seen who can better advise her on what new antibiotic (if any) they can prescribe. It's going to get complicated, especially since husband & I were hoping to go away for the weekend! Plus I'll be mostly outdoors.

    I'll have to be careful, be prepared to dress warmly in layers, drink lots of soup (not a problem - this long weekend event, it's what people live on) and avoid breathing on people. Same rules have to apply to difficult child 3 & husband.

    At least we won't be too far from home (about an hour's drive) if we need to pull the plug. But the fever is mostly gone, the pleurisy has eased off a lot. I know my body and what I can handle. THe next few days are forecast to be sunny and calm - at least during the day, being out of doors should be safe for me if I stay warm (not a problem). And if I need to rest - the car is comfortable, warm and very close by. I can even organise coffee!

    But first tomorrow morning, easy child 2/difficult child 2 is having her wedding dress fitting. husband & I are going there first and (hopefully) heading off afterwards.

    Enjoy your Friday.