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  1. Fran

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    :bigsmile: Good morning everyone. It's friday, I'm in my own house and I woke early enough to walk the dogs, go through the mail and pay bills. All before 7AM. I love being ahead of the day chore list.
    We returned yesterday from Pa. husband's father fell last Saturday and cracked his hip. He had pins and a plate inserted on Sunday. He does a little better every day but I suspect it will be a longer rehab than average. He is somewhat frail.

    difficult child turned 26 on Monday and is busy getting ready for his big move to Texas. Lots to do but as usual he is thinking about his gadgets as opposed to the practical. Hopefully we will get him to work a plan. LOL.:check_writer: The budget thing is a worry for difficult child and me.

    The weather is still summer in the south but the mornings are wonderful cool and refreshing. I definitely like this.

    Hope you have great plans for the weekend. We are heading to a wedding tomorrow:couple: It will be great fun.
  2. hearts and roses

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    Good morning-TGIF!

    Fran, I love weddings, enjoy. Prayers for your father in law and difficult child also.

    I was supposed to have today off, but there's a lot going on at work so I have to go in today after all. I will have to run up to the college at some point to get a book for my classes that begin next week. I ordered it on line but it's not here yet and I already received my hw assignment!

    difficult child is enjoying her new temp job and they asked her if she would be interested in making it permanent! Fingers crossed.

    We have a baby shower/party to go to tomorrow. I personally don't like the co-ed baby showers, but it does make sense to include the dads, doesn't it?

    Have a great Friday everyone!
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :playingball: Good Morning Fran and all to follow!

    Fran, I totally agree about the weather - it was 90 degrees yesterday but the morning was in the 60's! That's like fall after the summer we've had, huh? I hear the weekend is going to be lovely with our temps down to 60 tonight and tomorrow night! Hope father in law continues to improve - rehab takes longer the older we are......A Saturday wedding sounds nice - not sure what the weekend will bring up here......

    Morning Jo - sorry you got called into work today. You know, we checked a textbook rental site for easy child's textbooks this semester - unfortunately, they didn't have any of the ones she needed but we found two fabulous deals on the Amazon site with used books from their dealers. That book rate is a real slow mail though!

    I've a few things to do here this morning and then my cousin is coming over the take those pictures for the movie. Never got a chance yesterday because my office work and the selling of easy child's car took so much time. Let me tell you, I had a preverbal price war over her old pt cruiser convertible! While I was walking down the street to meet someone at her car (her condo is only two blocks from my office) I got a call from a guy who offered my a few hundred dollars more - sight unseen! It was pretty hectic and crazy up until about 6:30 - I ended up showing the car during the day - since folks were so interested - while I was at work. Cash in hand, deed done, love Craig's List!

    easy child and I will take a trip up to IKEA in the early afternoon. It's about an hour trip from here. I'm looking to get containers for all my grains (pasta, cereal, wheat flower, etc.) and some of difficult child's snack items. Had some evidence of a little furry grey friend last weekend! I've set traps but nothing yet. But I still had intended to purchase more containers about 6 months ago when I started the project so this gives me the excuse to get it done. I'm traveling so far up the road because they have the hugest selection and the lowest price - even Target and Walmart don't have better pricing - they don't even come close! But, it's a nice time to spend with easy child.

    difficult child had freshman orientation on Wed and actually enjoyed it! Cheerleaders, dance squad, marching band.......the show they put on was great and we found out they are actually performing at the Orange Bowl this year! I think he feels kinda excited about this new phase! So glad we went....

    Well, I've talked enough - I need another cup of coffee and I gotta get cracking! I hope your Friday is a good one and the beginning of a great weekend. Summer is weaning - enjoy every minute left :bbq:

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Fran-I'm keeping your father in law in my prayers. Sounds like your day is off to a great start! Enjoy the wedding!

    Jo-Sorry you have to go into work when you were supposed to have off! I hope the baby shower turns out well!

    Sharon-Enjoy IKEA, I always have so much fun shopping there! Great job on getting the cash in hand for the car!

    I'm done with boot camp for the day and now have to head to the chiro and then to work-conferences from 9-5! I should be very tired by the end of the day!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful one!:peaceful: