TGIF-Good Morning!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    We've made it to Friday!!!!The weekend is almost here! Can you tell I'm a bit excited? I'm up early because I'm so stuffed up. I though maybe if I got up for awhile I'd be able to fall back asleep.

    After work today we are going out for dinner. Something I almost never do on a Friday because of weighing in for WW on Saturday mornings. Tomorrow though I won't be working or weighing. After dinner I'm hoping to maybe get to the club but I also have to make a large pasta salad for my dad's 70th surprise party tomorrow!

    It's a warm one here today-near record-breaking heat-mid 80s. I'm ready for Fall to arrive! :autumn:

    I hope everyone finds a reason to smile or better yet laugh and enjoys a peaceful day. :flower:
  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, enjoy your dinner out this evening. :smile: Order a margarita & enjoy it for me, will you? :wink: by the way, happy birthday - enjoy your day. :smile:

    Yes, we've made it to Friday. For some reason this week seems to have dragged. I have an appointment to see my GP this morning; I have a cold & she wants to make sure it hasn't gone to pneumonia as my immune system is so off. Likely, I'll be on another round of antibiotics by the end of today. :crazy2:

    No plans out of the ordinary for the weekend. kt's respite fell through & we have no weekend staff scheduled. husband & I are preparing ourselves for a "fun" time as kt is very hormonal right now. :faint:

    Enjoy your day; have another cuppa hmj :coffee:. Give your loved ones a big hug as they leave for the day. :flower:
  3. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    Take care of yourself today, Linda, and send that cold packing! :doctor:

    Sharon, while you're at it you can enjoy a margarita for me, too because I'll need heat relief by then! My husband just loaded the 2 easy child's in the car to head to the airport for a trip to Disney. difficult child was really, really, really not wanting to go and I didn't really care so the two of us will be on our fall camping trip with 6 other families...lousy timing for record high temps if you ask me.

    easy child was so excited--age 9 seems like a perfect age for this trip. I just finished giving 14 year old easy child the "No bomb jokes while going through security talk.:nonono: I sure hope he heard me...

    Have a great day, you two and all of you to follow.
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :smile: :rofl: Oh Sharon, I will find a reason to both smile and laugh since it's Friday!!

    Good Morning Sharon, Linda and all to follow!

    As Sharon said - we made it to Friday so it's reason to celebrate! For me Friday means no homework, staying up late and two days of sleeping in a little and no schedule demands! It also means no school phone call worries!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend however, it means :surprise: mom is coming!

    Sharon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :princess: Enjoy your dinner out and your day!

    Linda, I hope it's nothing more than a run-of-the-mill cold that goes away quickly. Enjoy your weekend with kt - sounds like maybe some good movies. What about her neighborhood friend? Perhpas they could get together for a little while. How it goes smoothly.

    easy child got her interiums yesterday. She has been working really hard because she knows this junior year are the grades the colleges look at and she already knows where she really wants to go. She did great - 4.2 gpa (since she's taking 3 adv classes). She was thrilled - walked in the door with a huge smile on her face!

    difficult child, on the other hand, has failed to mention that he's had a vocab test every week in English. Really? I didn't know you had vocab words? Well, he's failed them all. He's doing great in everything else. His spelling is awful. I got a list of the words for next week - I hate to say it, but there is now way he'll get these. I'm going to have to speak to the English teacher about it.

    I'm here waiting for fall :autumn: Another day in the high 90's with fog in the morning and high humidity - Yuk!

    Have a great Friday everyone! :thumbsup:

  5. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Sharon, :smile: Happy B'day!! It being Friday is enough to make me float through the day! :angel:

    Linda, I hope it's just a simple cold - all those antibiotics are not so great, as you already know. Can you take acidopholis while you're on them? Feel better!

    Sharon, I live to be able to sleep in on the weekends. And now that my mom is not here, I can...yeah. Enjoy your visit with mom (??). Congrats to easy child!! It's so nice to be have those proud mommy moments, isn't it? Too bad anout difficult child's vocab and spelling. You know, there is this great computer program (at least there used to be) called Spell-it. It's a compilation of games and many levels of vocab and spelling words - anyway it was fun. I used to play it just for fun! My easy child was an awful speller and it helped her a lot. difficult child has always had a gift with vocab and spelling - just can't seem to put it to good use yet.

    I too am waiting for fall... :autumn:!! We're expecting record breaking temps today. I cannot believe I'm still wearing tanks and skirts at this time of year. What is up with that?? this global warming??

    Today is H's and mine first weekend alone! Not THE first ever, but I mean alone as in no one else lives here. We've got a lot of yard work to do, but it already feels so different.

    Have a great Friday everyone!

  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning my friends. TGIF. We have a long weekend. We started yesterday. husband and I went to the beach to celebrate the big 50. My sis, her friend and another couple will join us tonight for a weekend of just kicking back. Monday we head up to pack up the furniture for the big move. It will be good to have one zip code, one bank, one address, one phone number. It's been really crazy trying to keep everything working.

    difficult child is doing great. His friend and he are dog sitting and house sitting. He is being very responsible. I'm pleased.

    easy child seems to be over his little college slump of "I'm flunking" with 2 good grades on tests. He is my chicken little with the sky is falling. He is coming home in 2 wks for the weekend.

    Things are propelling along.

    Sharon, HB and hope you enjoy your evening out.
    Linda, hope you feel better. Too bad about respite.
    SRL, hope your easy child's enjoy wife as much as my kids did. easy child will probably work there again this summer. He just loves how efficient everything is. Camping in the heat doesn't quite do it for me. Sitting on the beach in the heat doesn't do it for me either.
    LDM, I can imagine it was a bit of a shock about the vocab words. My difficult child is just now starting to spell words that are longer than 4 letters. I didn't think I would ever see the day. He memorized them for tests but spelling for him was "hieroglyphics". Together they made a word but separately the letters meant nothing to him. Enjoy some of the down time for the weekend even if mom is there.

    JoG,enjoy sleeping in.

    I think we will go for a little walk on the beach before it gets too hot. :dance: Where oh where are the cooler 70's of autumn.

    Have a good weekend folks.
  7. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, all. Very late today - it's right on Saturday here now, by a matter of seconds.

    We had a group working bee at our place today, even BF2 pitched in willingly. Three trees which should have come down a year ago, "accidentally" blew down in the strong winds (nonexistent today) - it's quicker than renewing our permit. Besides, the trees were dead, we only needed to lean against them. I cleaned out the fishpond and weeded the front garden, husband chainsawed up the extra firewood, I finally got the fire lit this evening and just checked it - it was out before midnight, the fire ban has just kicked in again.

    The dog-sitting adventure is now over, the owners picked up their dog tonight. I got to the beach this arvo with difficult child 3. I was fairly tired by this evening while preparing dinner then easy child 2/difficult child 2 arrived home, showing her difficult child side indeed and I finally snapped when she told me to "shut up" because I interrupted her - which I did, but I needed to sort out information fast, and not have her spend ages circumlocuting to the point as she always does. So I've been avoiding her all evening, for fear I'll say something to set her off again, which I wouldn't tolerate. I really wish her doctor could see her like this - she won't survive in the big bad world if she treats people like this and expects people to always give her time to speak, without interrupting her to get her to the point. And of course, by morning she will have 'forgotten' all about it and learned nothing (and still be holding to the view that she is entirely in the right and I am entirely in the wrong - and she will then go through life always doing this to other people, and never learning).

    Honestly, if she had two heads I'd bang them together!

    Apart from that, we had a good Friday. I hope yours is good too.