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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    We made it to Friday :dance:It's been a very long week and I'm so glad it is Friday.

    I stayed up too late due to the Packer game and unfortunately the Packers lost.

    After work today I'm headed to the health club :smile:Then home to do nothing more than watch Christmas movies. Well-maybe decorate the tree.

    I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend with nothing much on the agenda (naps, of course :sleeping:). We are under a winter storm watch. They are predicting 3=8 inches of snow plus ice all for tomorrow-mainly tomorrow night-why couldn't this come when I could get a snow day? :sled:

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful, free choice Friday! :painter:
  2. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    Sharon - Hope you get your quiet weekend. Sorry the snow doesn't want to come for you to get your snow day.

    We have an in home worker today other wise it should be fairly quiet here. I am hoping to get a few things done on my list around the house but otherwise pretty much a no stress day. After falling asleep in my chair yesterday and then stumbling to the bed ( a nap to make it to bed) I think I actually got too much sleep. Ah well guess I will perk up in a bit.

  3. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :its_all_good: Happy Free Choice Friday!!!

    Sharon, sorry about your packers. I believe that the prediction of snow and ice would have me dancing :blizzard: It is a great excuse to settle in, get some movies, and do some decorating :lights: Stay warm.

    Beth, I have a chair that I call the "evil chair" because it seems to pull me in and put me to sleep :rofl: It's right next to the fire and is my favorite spot in the winter. Hope you get moving and perky this morning!

    Got all my errands done, as well as paid the bills :checkwriter:. This morning it is just a little light check around the house and finish decorating the interior. Then I'm off to a Christmas show :rudolph: with my cousin after I pick up difficult child. She and I will catch some dinner as well. Nothing big planned this weekend. easy child and I will get up early and hit two stores in the morning then she is going to make a couple batches of fudge for me. She made the fudge last year because I wasn't feeling well tht day and it came out great! Now she thinks she's a famous fudge chef :forsanta:

    Wishing everyone a great Friday :smile:

  4. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, I love being snowed in! I don't know about you but I tend to be a homebody anyway & huge amounts of snow just enable me. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

    Beth, husband has that same chair - he has to keep away from that chair in the living room if he wants to achieve anything during the weekend. Sounds like a relaxing day ahead for you - enjoy it.

    Sharon, I'm about to pay bills myself; then I'm off to amazon through the site to pick up the 2 big ticket items for the tweedles for Christmas. Have fun with your cousin.

    kt is off to school; I'm sitting here in my pj's sipping my hmj & appreciating - I guess, life in general.

    I'm working on a few finishing touches of a water dragon I'm giving to wm (wanted to give it to him last weekend). husband would like me to start over & paint it BIG! Do not have the energy - this will do.

    kt & I are working out the shopping list for Christmas baking this afternoon when she gets home from school. I'll be mixing up batches of dough to put in the freezer. We'll pull it out & bake & decorate at our own ease. I'm hoping doing it this way will have homemade cookies for the season.

    Sending positive thoughts for a good Friday with calm in your househould & cooperative difficult children. Hug your loved ones.
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, everyone.

    Sharon I, I hope you don't get your snow day until you can get the benefit. Sorry about the game.

    Beth, I wish I could succeed in getting "too much sleep". It's been a long time...

    Sharon II, any chance easy child could send some fudge this way?

    I'm amazed at how much you all are decorating and doing Christmassy things.

    I'm running the freezer down so I can re-stock for Christmas. We've still got a lot of pre-cooked casseroles - never have too much of them. The garden is doing well as long as I keep watering it. difficult child 3 has finally seen for himself how thirsty and hungry tomato plants are. He changes the chooks' water each afternoon and like all birds, they make a mess in their water bowls so I get him to pour it into the tomato tub. I can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen!

    (and remember - chooks = hens)

    Weird weather still - the washing did eventually get dry but it's so humid you can feel the moisture condensing into droplets.

    Best friend's mother died suddenly this morning, she rang me on the road north to be with family and sort out her mother's affairs. She is supposed to be leaving for Asia on Monday, said she is not cancelling her plans. I'm hoping to talk to her tomorrow (if she is home again).
    difficult child 3 has a dog-sitting job for tomorrow, I guess I'll be helping him out with it. We minded the dog for a week some time ago, the dog attached to me fairly quickly.

    If we're lucky and it doesn't rain, we might get to the beach for a swim, depending on the dog.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  6. nvts

    nvts Active Member

    Happy Friday as well!

    How come you guys get naps? Mine hit the ground running on Saturday at about 5:30 and don't stop til Sunday at 9:00 pm!!!


    It's Christmas prep for us here! We have all 3 in basketball so Fri. night we shoot hoop and Saturday a.m. as well. Then on to the baking! Heckle, Jeckle and Clyde want me to do "practice" know...I get in practice BAKING them (as in some of the recipes haven't been used since last Christmas so I might be rusty - lol!) and they despirately need practice EATING them!

    Nothing like an aspie negotiation!



  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all. :coffee:
    I'm working on my second cup of coffee and enjoying every drop. husband is working from home for a few hours since he is flying later. Makes the day seem shorter for him. Of course, I tend to chat with him instead of saying GM to all of you. Sorry. :smile: It happens.

    Wiped out, snowing you in may be the only way to stop your hectic schedule. LOL.

    Mrscatinthehat,sounds like you are rested and ready to go.

    LDM, that evil chair must have clones all through the world.

    timer, sounds like you are a little more yourself. Hope you and kt enjoy your day.

    Marguerite, I'm sure getting that freezer emptied is a horrid chore. :smile: All those yummy dishes just have to be eaten. Have fun.

    nvts rofl about practice cookies and practice eating.

    The painters are finally done. We are going to rearrange rugs and furniture and may even try to start Christmas tree decorating. It's not going to be a big deal this year since we are not quite settled in the house but enough to make it festive.

    We start the first of the holiday parties Sat. night. husband "forgot" to tell me until Monday. Nothing like having time to prepare.

    difficult child has to get paperwork filled out with physicals and such and then he is heading to NJ for a few weeks to settle in then return for the holidays. It's pretty neat for him. He has a little more bounce in his step.

    I ordered a lot of our christmas things on line through the amazon site. Most have been delivered. It helps to support the site and keeps me from impulse shopping. I started grocery shopping after Timer reminded me it's available. Order on line at local market and drive up to pick it up. They even load it into the truck. Very efficient. Thanks Timer.

    It's another busy day. I love the holidays. :xmasdancers:

    but I feel more like this lately. :lights:
  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Good morning, TGIF!

    I am at work freaking out about difficult child being at work and her stalker harrassing her there today. I can't wait for lunch time so I can go tell her that we're going to police station tonight at 5 to file a report against him.

    Tonight was supposed to be a nice evening, early dinner and then a movie with H. Postponed again.

    easy child is leaving for college on Sunday so one of her friend's is coming for dinner tonight to visit and then tomorrow we're starting our holiday baking together. Can't wait for that!

    Have a good one.
  9. pnuts

    pnuts New Member

    Sure wish we could have some white stuff here in the deep south! :snowman: