TGIF-Happy Friday!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    A huge thunderboom (with a huge downpour) woke me u about an hour ago and I haven't been able to get back to sleep-I hope to in a bit or it's going to be one long day.

    The last day of school is here-I'm hoping I hold it together during 5th grade graduation as this has been one amazing group. The kids are done at 10:00 this morning and then the rest of the day is a teacher work day. If it isn't raining the person watching difficult child might take him fishing. He would love that.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends. TGIF Hope everyone has a Great weekend!!!!!
    difficult child 3 is having Asthma issues but I am hoping to sneak out later and have dinner with a friend who has 2 difficult children of her own.
    Sharon - I hope your difficult child gets to go fishing.
    Hugs Rabbit
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :bigsmile:We made it! Another Free Choice Friday!!

    Sharon, I just knew you would be up early and the one to start the morning thread this morning! Is this husband's last day as well? Hope difficult child catches dinner :tongue:

    Rabbit, enjoy dinner with your friend and have a great Friday.

    I was having dinner with an old college friend tonight, but he had to reschedule due to a family issue last night. So I have a big bottle of merlot, black bean salad, and some cilantro/lime chicken - who's coming?

    difficult child is already up - very rare - today is the last Friday of 8th grade as next Friday is his last day but they will be at the amusement park! Can't believe my baby is heading to high school :surprise:

    Hope your Friday is a good one!

  4. trinityroyal

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    Good morning everyone.

    Sharon (WO) -- Enjoy your group's graduation. Watching a wonderful group pass through a milestone is so rewarding.
    Rabbit -- hope your difficult child 3's asthma settles down, and you're able to enjoy dinner with your friend
    Sharon (LDM) -- I would be happy to join you, except I am so sleepy I would pass out face first into the black bean salad if I even smelled the merlot :tongue:

    Today I'm presenting a project plan to the executive team at work. I am right this moment in my home office printing off the handouts for the meeting. I was up until after midnight putting the materials together, so I hope I can stay awake through the meeting :D

    Once that's done, I am coming home to either have a nap or play with the tot-monsters, depending on the level of chaos. Then off to Little easy child's school, then over to the church to get the babies' baptism organized. If I don't get that mid-afternoon nap I will be in la-la land by the end of the day. I get silly when I'm sleepy, so Fr. Bob might be entertained by me (I hope he doesn't think I'm not taking it seriously though).

    Anyway, into the shower for me and then into my Casual-Friday-but-not-TOO-casual outfit. I don't like having to dress to impress on a Friday, but it's part of the protocol I suppose.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks. It's difficult to write this while difficult child 3 is 'explaining' to me about a computer problem we've just resolved. He talks, then walks away. Then seconds later he's back, to add a bit more. Just as my brain is formulating a reply, it's wiped from my head as I'm forced to listen to a conversation continue, which I though was dealt with. It drives me nuts but when he's tired, it pushes husband to breaking point and he snaps, then difficult child 3 gets upset at being disrespected and always snarled at. he just doesn't get it and losing our cool teaches him less than zero, unfortunately.

    Good. I think he's finally gone to bed. We're heading off to Canberra tomorrow. Mini-trains first (all day in Wollongong) then we continue south instead of back north again. mother in law has to fend for herself over the next few days. husband doesn't like to leave her; in a lot of ways, neither do I. But we need to do this and I think mother in law needs the occasional days on her own, for so many reasons. We have a public holiday on Monday so we'll come back then. Probably along with the rest of Sydney. Still, we do have the option of taking some back roads, we know our way well around the little country villages of the Southern Highlands. Beautiful at this time of the year, but possibly with snow. We're dressing for snowy weather just in case. Frankly, a bit of snow would warm things up...

    Sharon/WO, I like thunderstorms. I hope the rain eases off enough for difficult child to go fishing. The fish might bite a bit more, after the rain.

    Rabbit, I hope difficult child 3's asthma settles in time for you to go to dinner.

    Sharon/LDM, your planed meal sounds wonderful.

    Trinity, good luck with the presentation. I hope you get your much-needed nap in.

    Early today we headed off for my treatment, bringing mother in law with us this time so we could take her shopping. I needed to get back home to difficult child 3 who has an urgent assessment task to do. he made a start but needs to do a lot more. While we were out, we bought me a new laptop. I've just copied difficult child 3's writing task onto my thumb drive so we have that with us for him to complete. Wish us luck!

    We just had easy child 2/difficult child 2 & SIL2 over for dinner. They had washing to do so they bring it here then use mother in law's dryer to get it all dried. We sat and watched an excellent Miss Marple on TV, then the kids drove off to their home while husband & I walked (or scooted, in my case) home through the icy cold.

    We're having to get up early again in the morning. I've still got a few tools to pack, as well as last-minute stuff like PJs and doona, plus phone chargers etc. New laptop is packed so I can hopefully get some writing done.

    difficult child 3 is coming back in to the room and talking at me again, this time about the computer game he is playing (despite being told to pack his game system up, if he wants to bring it with him). Sometimes I wonder why I never get any work done. other times, I know. I just hope he goes to bed soon, as he says he intends to do, so he isn't too cranky tomorrow. Very frustrating!

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.