TGIF-Happy Friday!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Good Morning from the frigid state of Wisconsin!:frozen:

    So glad it is Friday! We have a wind chill advisory but not a warning so we will have school. I understand this but going out in 20 below 0 temps is something I wish I could avoid.:2cold: Thankfully easy child/difficult child doesn't have school and difficult child was only suppose to have a 1/2 day and we are going to keep him home. He is fighting a horrible cold and has even run a fever on and off.

    Our students only have a half day today and then we have a half day to work on report cards. Tonight sounds like a good night to watch movies and build a fire. on the other hand, most Fridays I am fast asleep by 8:00ish. We'll see if I make it; maybe I can squeeze in a nap after work:)

    Wishing everyone a warm day in your heart even if it isn't outside:beach:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Friday.

    SHaron/WO, I think you're very wise to not send a sick kid to school in such low temperatures. Wow!

    We're in Canberra, it's hot. I spent most of today in my swimsuit, but no water in sight. Pruned the garden for easy child & SIL1, bundled up huge bunches of herbs for them. Then husband got back form the War Memorial and we went out to dinner for our wedding anniversary. From the restaurant window we saw an amazing sunset on storm clouds. Not sure if there's any rain in them for here, though.

    Tomorrow we're heading out early to the farmers market, I want to buy ingredients to cook a birthday dinner for husband. Yes, his birthday is the day after our anniversary. Some time I hope to meet up with my cousins but this trip is turning out to be busier than I expected.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  3. Finally it's Friday!!!!

    Sharon, 20 below? Ouch! I can't imagine going out in that level of temperature. I know you all will be very happy when spring comes. Enjoy the fire at the end of your day. I'm with you on the early time for bed ...LOL

    Marg, Happy Anniversary to you and husband! I'm so glad that nature cooperated with a special sunset just for you. I imagine your birthday dinner for husband is also going to be quite special. I hope he has many happy returns.

    Our easy child (semi difficult child) son left for Portland, Oregon last weekend. He's making progress - he's had two job interviews and will have a three hour (!) panel and test interview today. He's most interested in the job he is interviewing for today, but of course, will take the job he is offered. He also managed to find a sub-let apartment for a few months - so that he has more time to find more permanent lodging. Someone told me yesterday that I look so rested, and I realized having easy child and his late hours out of the house has afforded me more rest. I just hadn't noticed how strongly that was impacting me.

    I can't complain about our weather here - it's a balmy 31! I'm working at home today and will be meeting some of my friends at lunch to celebrate my birthday. I'm really looking forward to seeing them - one of them lost her husband a month ago - and we're trying to be good company for her. It will be a process...

    I hope that you all find some quiet moments of peace and serenity in your busy day...

  4. Fran

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    Good morning and happy Friday:beautifulthing:
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to husband Marge.:bdayparty:
    Hope you get a chance to find some water soon and enjoy some cousins.

    LFR, I didn't realize that your son went to the Great Northwest. He is quite the adventurer. Good for him for broadening his world. I often wish I had explored more when I was in my 20's. He will be better for it. Glad you are getting rested. Makes a huge difference when your house is at peace.

    difficult child will be home this evening. :bigsmile:It has been pretty cold this morning but the sun is out. I'm hoping for a work out then to do volunteer undecorating at the neighborhood club house. The evening should be peaceful.
    difficult child is doing ok.
    Have a fun Friday. Life is short.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (WO), Stay WARM!!! Hope difficult child feels better soon! Hope you catch up on some zzz's... and build a fire this evening. I love sitting by a fireplace when it's freezing outside...

    Marg, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND husband!!! HAPPY B-DAY to your husband too!!!

    Valerie, HAPPY B-DAY!!! Enjoy lunch!!!

    Fran, Hope you manage to get your work-out in. Glad difficult child is doing OK and will be home to visit.

    School is canceled here. In the middle of the night we had a bit of snow, maybe an inch or two at most. This morning it rained a bit, has seemed to stop for now. School really shouldn't have been canceled but I think everyone was expecting the storm to be much worse. easy child/difficult child will probably sleep at least until noon. Sad to say, but I'm glad. It hasn't been much fun being anywhere near her lately. difficult child 2 is reading monkey books and playing with his monkey figurines - Some things NEVER change.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend and hoping all of our difficult children are "melt-down" free... SFR
  6. HaoZi

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    Happy Birthday Marg's Man, and Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope y'all have a wonderful time!