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    I've mostly been a lurker these last few days and I have actually enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Realizing that you are not alone out there in this great big world is comforting in ways!

    Thank you to everyone who sent welcoming vibes out my way at the beginning of this week. I appreciate it greatly.

    Overall it's been a good week. difficult child had a decent week at school. He is getting marked off in conduct for being "off task" a lot lately. I know that is part of his disorder so I don't come down on him as hard on him when things like that come home. I mostly watch for contact with others, lack of respect, or out right defiance. He's had a short fuse this week. Anytime I've given him something to do his knee jerk reaction is to turn around and give me his "go to hell" look. I've read some on here and I'm trying to apply some of the things I've read; it's going well so far.

    We took his TV out of his room this past weekend. Not due to punishment but because I just feel like it's not necessary and it overstimulates him. He's also been punished from anything electronic for about 2 weeks now. That's working out well.... He plays outside ALOT now! (happy dance) He was playing on my laptop and cracked the screen out of anger; go figure, right?!

    The baby (easy child) and I are going out for some Christmas shopping with my BFF today! She is my sanity and rock most days. I honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life!

    husband has been an absolute **** all week! He is stressed over $$$ these days and it affects his stomach; therefore he is bloated and not eating. He is in a horrible mood most days and yesterday he was very withdrawn. He goes to work tonight.... I'm almost grateful for the break!