Thank Goodness For Messages From School!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Feb 12, 2013.

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    As we were sitting down to dinner the phone rings. It's the school district telling me that there will be school tomorrow but there will be a 2 hours delayed start. I don't say anything to the kids about it. I just tell them that I'm sure there will be school tomorrow when they asked if I thought there would be.

    Two hours later I get another message from the school to the parents of students in the music program, reminding me that tomorrow is the Day On Broadway field trip and that the kids who are signed up to go must be at the school at regular time because the busses will be leaving in the morning to get the kids I to the city for the music workshops that are planned. Thank God they called with that last message because I completely forgot about the whole thing!! I went up to remind difficult child about the field trip, but he was already sleeping. I told husband that he was going to have to take difficult child to school in the morning because the busses aren't coming the normal time and difficult child has to be there on time. He was really excited about this trip. I hope he still is when he realizes that there is a 2 hour delay, but he has to go at the regular time.

    Oh, and did I ever mention that we are supposed to get more snow on Wednesday and Saturday?
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    Fingers crossed that it all goes off with-o a hitch and that everyone has a good time.