Thank Goodness It's Friday!!

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    I've never done the morning thread. I have no idea how to do it. I'm as nervous as if someone had put me on stage.:)

    I have not yet told my easy child about his classmate. I want him to enjoy the weekend, so my SO and I are preparing him on Sunday evening. The whole incident was horribly tragic.

    difficult child yesterday fell off his scooter and just looked relieved that he was mostly ok, even though he got a bit scraped. No freaking out, yelling, crying, anything like that. The day before yesterday, he got annoyed at his brother for not playing the way he wanted to and was about to storm into the house...when he came back and asked if he could apologize to his brother. It completely caught me off guard. I can't believe how much better he's doing.

    Have a great Friday everyone!
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    It's nice to see you starting the morning thread:coffee:. I'm on my fourth cup of coffee... I hope it gives me the jolt I need today!!!

    I'm sorry you and your SO have to give your easy child such sad news... I hope he handles it as well as can be expected... At least he has you and your SO to help him through this...

    On a happier note, I'm glad your difficult child is doing well!!!:D I've got my fingers crossed this good behavior continues!!!

    Today all three of my kids are off from school. easy child is visiting a good friend who moved to another town at the end of last year. Her friend spent many years in foster homes - Her mother is totally unable emotionally to take care of her. This story has a happy ending. She and her younger brother were officially adopted a few days ago. The woman who adopted them has been easy child's social worker for a long time. They are very close. :D

    It's bright and sunny this morning. Unfortunately, I can't go for my morning walk because I can't leave my difficult children home alone. difficult child 1 is already on his computer gaming, of course. difficult child 2 is playing "house" with his monkey puppet.:puppet::thumbsdown::stopglass: At least he is being fairly quiet.

    I have lots of errands to run today. I'm hoping my difficult children hold it together while we're out...

    Anyway, as always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or smile today... WFEN:sunny::flower:
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    G'day, people.

    Artana, welcome to the morning thread beginning. Sounds like difficult child is doing well. I hope easy child copes OK with the bad news about his classmate. So sad.

    WFEN, easy child's friend sounds like her life is finally stabilising. I hope their visit together goes well. Sorry you're missing your morning walk. It's a shame you can't persuade the kids to walk with you, I used to enjoy walks with the kids, we would talk a lot about things, a great opportunity for communication as well as exercise.

    We've had a good day today. husband, difficult child 3 & I were asked to do some readings in church today, dramatic readings of the whole Easter story. They nearly didn't ask difficult child 3, he also was tentative because he says he can't read with expression (not true). Afterwards the pastor said to me, "difficult child 3 sure hammed it up well, didn't he? What a great job he did, he threw himself into it, it made it come alive for everyone!"

    After the service we had hot cross buns and coffee out on the veranda, overlooking the beach. I'd brought the candle-in-progress along to involve people in the making, we unmoulded it there in front of everyone. Thankfully it unmoulded well and actually looks quite good. I've been working on the decoration this evening, it's drying overnight before I do another layer of paint tomorrow.

    After we got back home from church this morning it was time for difficult child 3 to go fishing with his best friend. They'd organised it yesterday afternoon at tennis, and all the boys who were also at tennis (word is getting around, kids are just turning up and joining in) also were going fishing. It's been 30 years since I last went fishing (with husband) and our fishing gear needed a bit of fast work. I'd bought some lures and bait last night, knowing that in Australia on Good Friday, most shops are closed. In fact for us, doing something as irreverent as fishing on Good Friday felt very outrageous.

    So difficult child 3 & I headed off to find his friends. We drove to the area we'd been told they'd be, and no sign. I sent difficult child 3 off to look because it was in the reserve area and if I left the car I risked getting a parking fine. Then while I waited for difficult child 3, a crowd of small boys walked past into the camping ground, with fishing rods. His mates! Luckily difficult child 3 had his mobile phone (and we had coverage) so I drove off after the boys, got directions, rang difficult child 3 and sent him to the exact place. I then drove to the next village and parked the car so I could walk back. The boys were planning to fish from the footbridge that joins the villages. And you know? We've lived in this small, lovely place for over 30 years and I've never been to this footbridge! It's only recently that I've been walking well enough to even attempt it. The stream is wide there, deep where the tide scours it out and runs fast. There are mangrove swamps on either side and these are teeming with fish, this is a pristine waterway, no pollution, a piscine nursery.

    We had a lovely time. It was warm and sunny, I stripped off my jacket and regretted not wearing my swimsuit. The boys caught one tiny fish which got thrown back. We could see large black cod in schools, congregating in the strong outflowing tide under the bridge. difficult child 3's line had a lure 'swimming' against the current and although we caught nothing, the whole exercise was a useful learning experience. The other boys soon tired of not catching anything, one boy began to throw in some snack cracker biscuits and we watched them flow out in the rip, then saw the crackers disappear with a 'gloop!' as big fish lazily gulped them down. Occasionally fish would jump out of the water for the biscuits. But although they nosed around the lure and a few even nibbled at it, I think it was just the wrong time of day.

    By this stage the boys had stripped off to their swim trunks and jumped in to ride the rip under the bridge. So we gave up - you can't fish effectively when laughing, noisy boys are swimming with the fish you're trying to catch!

    I have to take husband there, even if it's just for a walk. If we take the camera we can catch some photos instead.

    Tomorrow easy child 2/difficult child 2 should be turning up. If not tomorrow, then Sunday, to begin some sewing on her bridesmaids' dresses.

    Enjoy your day today, friends.