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To all of you who had my back last night, I say a big thanks. Sorry about the eggs all over, but thanks for cleaning up the armour! It is now ready for the next who needs to don it- nice and shiny.

difficult child did try triangulation, and it took- until I got home and heard hubby's version of the story. He talked to hubby at 5:30, and me at 6:30, totally different tales... difficult child did stop by the house, and is continuing to be blind to the rules. He took the Duster ('73) that replaced the wrecked Charger ('68 or '69). The Duster had the Chrger license plate, no insurance and the cracked windshield.

He went off to the girlfriend, who is estranged from her husband, has 4 young kids (they may be with the husband), is not supposed to drive, and as far as I know is not working (social security disability?). She is known to some as a drunk. When difficult child stopped by the house, hubby said he was swilling a quart of beer!

It will be interesting to see how this all ends. difficult child told hubby that another friend's father, who is a cop, said that everything will be OK. The samples may even be a joke. In other words, once again difficult child may slide through like a greased pig. No life lessons for him- he doesn't need them! :grrr:


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Thanks. He left a bunch of paperwork on the kitchen table yesterday. Most of it was junk from attorneys wanting his case, I think. He also called me at work yesterday and called this morning to let me know he was out of money and out of minutes on his phone card. He had $130 in cash at the house Tuesday. I don't know whether he used it to pay back for bail or what.

On to the issue of the car. I have heard no more about his problem getting moneyu for insurance. Hubby hasn't brought it up, and neither has difficult child. No mney has disappeared from our accounts, either- so far. I wonder if hubby has rethought it, and changed hhis opinion with the arrest on the table now? I'm not giving it a lot of headspace, that's for sure.

difficult child wants to be an adult- he will have to learn to deal with all his own problems, I guess. All I want is for him to stay in touch, and so far he is. I think he is afraid to let go of the apron strings, no matte how I respond.


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It will be interesting to see how this all ends. </div></div>

This is a good, detached-from-the-chaos place to be, fedup.

I'm sorry this is happening to your son, but you do seem stronger and more centered.

How is husband reacting to everything that is happening around your house lately?



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Hubby is at work. difficult child called him from here, ranting about needing to get the title swap done on the Duster/Charger. Hubby hung up on him once, because difficult child was using filthy language. But, he must have buckled and sadi he would do it after work.

difficult child made a slight tactical error, which was in my favor. He called asking for money. I said I don't have nay one me. He said, OK, we'll talk about it when Iget to the house. Gave me time to get my ducks in a row. He just opened a bank account, and now has overdrawn it! He's jumping through hoops to get all the pre-court stuff arranged, trying to work and dealing with a cat that is dying (not really his). I wonder which ball he's going to drop first?