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    Thank-you everyone for all the support. I'm back after starting some medications. Yea for medications! Baby is a girl. She is sitting on my sciatic nerve so I have problems walking sometimes. (All my kids have done this.)

    difficult child 1 is now on Seroquel XR 300 mg. It'll go up next week to 450 mg. This has stopped most of the aggression towards his siblings and most of the hallucinations. The paranoia has increased though as has defiance and just general grumpiness. He has shot up several inches in the last few months. He has not been to see X in several weeks so any of his behavior isn't to do with that. (X's lawyer, that has stayed with him longer than any of his wives, dumped him last week. :) That should keep him off our backs for awhile. ) School seams to be going o.k. That might change next week. I think difficult child 1 is not doing any work in Spanish class because he wants out of it. difficult child 1 keeps losing things (like books, pencils, pens) and is sure that someone got into his bag and stole them. So far all items have been found in his class rooms or still in his bag so it hasn't escalated. The school does have someone watching him, but they aren't helping him directly. difficult child 1 doesn't know he is being watched. This is the school that brushed off my concerns last May. At back-to-school night I told them about our summer. They panicked and changed his classes a bit and got someone to watch him. I don't think they will be open to helping difficult child 1 more until he starts acting up more. He has a long honeymoon period. So, I'm just going to wait for the other shoe to drop then go back in there and tell them what has worked in the past. This Spanish class might be the start of it.

    difficult child 2 cut his foot and had to have stitches. Then school started. Then he broke his arm. His response to all this new stress is to pick at himself. He has picked sores on himself. This is a new behavior for him. I upped his medications to try to help. The sores are almost all healed and the broken arm isn't bothering him so I'm going back to his old dose. If he starts the picking again I'll have to go back up on the higher dose. He starts inclusion either next week or the week after. I'm worried about it because his school has the reputation of bullying. Our case manager told me that he had tried to talk to the principal about it because of another kid he works with. The principal got very defensive, said they don't have that at their school, and started avoiding him. If difficult child 2 is bullied she is really not going to like me. Me parked in her office with 6-7 kids will be hard to ignore or avoid. And I'm not afraid of going over her head to the district level.

    difficult child 3 has started mainstream 1st grade. Class time is going great it is recess that is the problem. He is being bullied. Not everyday but enough that I'm worried about it. I've talked to his teacher who is willing to do something, but difficult child 3 can't identify the kids. I think he needs more supervision on the playground. His JRA has also been acting up.

    easy child 1 really wants to go to school too. She has her pink back pack already. I'm starting to teach her how to read. She had sensory issues as a baby and didn't want to learn to walk. She was in EI to learn to walk. That disappeared but is now back. She frequently tells me that her legs hurt and she doesn't want to walk. It might be her sensory issues or it might be that she is copying difficult child 3.

    easy child 2 is very clingy. She wants to be with me all the time. I'm trying to give her lots of attention. I think the new baby will be hardest on her.

    easy child 3 is into everything! He is walking/running now. He loves climbing. He has learned to push the chairs around to get onto things and can climb on the chairs. The chairs are ladder back and he tries to climb that as well. He hasn't tipped one over yet. He gets into the wood stove and gets soot all over. He gets behind it. He climbs on the table and dumps things out. I do shut him in the living room from time to time, but I don't feel right about leaving him in there a lot. He has fallen down the stairs a couple of times. He can go down one or two stairs by himself, but not the whole flight. As long as he has his medications he doesn't have seizures. Once the pharmacy shorted us and I had problems getting it. He missed 3 doses and had another seizure. His next EEG is in Oct. We were going to try to discontinue the medications, but I guess not now.

    husband has been o.k. in his school. I think he has found a school format that works for him (they have 2 classes at a time that only run 4 weeks.) I have adjusted to him being gone more. The medications help.

    Well, that is us the last few months. Thank you for being here.
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    I am sooooooo happy to have you back. I really miss hearing about all the goings-on in your "zoo". I'm glad you're better able to deal with all the chaos and seem to be in a pretty good place. I'm happy to hear you got some help for yourself.

    Thanks for the update and I hope you are around MUCH more often. You have a lot of catching up to do. I can't wait to see some of your input on other threads.

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    HEY! I was just thinking about you, just a little while ago!

    I'm glad you're back, I missed the "zoo" too. And, I missed your input on Bean... LOL!

    Sounds like you've got things well in hand. I don't think I could handle all you have on your plate!
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    Step, I don't think I could handle Onyxx as well as you do. Tedo, I'm glad to be back as well. Thanks guys.