Thank you for all the good thoughts & such

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You've all supported me through this year of hell & I truly appreciate it!

As Sue let you know, I got out of the hospital today - finally at 11:15 at night I feel almost human.

It's been quite the experience & I've come out the other end on 15 medications & still sane.

I have spinal meningitis & shingles (CNS & eye involvement). So to make a long story short I've been pretty sick.

I'm left with lingering questions as to long term prognosis; eye damage (especially my left eye). There are serious concerns over my eye sight; some concerns over my balance & lingering partial paralysis. Other concerns over my very high sed rate & the fact that the steroids that had been treating that seems to have left my immune system dangerously comprimised. There have been some interesting "discussions" in my hospital room over the last couple of days - things have yet to be resolved in that area.

I have an appointment to see my opthamologist this coming Friday to check out my retinas (they have blisters on them right now). I see my neuro this next week (Wednedsay, I believe). I see my primary on Tuesday of this coming week.

It's good to be home. husband & kt had actually cleaned the house & had a fresh carafe of a good French roast waiting for when I walked in the door.

I spent part of the afternoon sleeping & the other learning the fine are of scarf tying as I refuse to walk around this town looking a freak of nature, so I'm covering up the lingering pox with some pretty cool scarves & such. Can't do much about the swelling but I can have a kick :censored2: scarf on my head.


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It's nice to see you back home. Sounds like kt and husband are doing a great job taking care of you :smile: I hope they can find out some answers.

As always, you have a great attitude when dealing with things.



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Nice to hear from you, Linda. Sorry about your additional hospital admission. Glad to hear they know what it is though.

My professor at college had this same thing happen. He said it was pretty rare. He does have sight problems in one eye. He told me it took about a year to get back to work and 'normalcy'. But, he is well now.

Nice about the French Roast coffee!

Feel better soon!
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Linda, you know, side effects from steriods are pretty horrible -especially prednisone. My SO is on really really high doses just to be able to keep breathing. One of the nasty side effects were blisters/bubbles on his eyes from it - the other was osteoperosis-predisone just :censored2: calcium from your body like crazy - his bones are now turning almost chalklike. We were told there was nothing we could do about his eyes cept try surgery - and sometimes they just go away by them selves. But please make sure your docs give you something for the calcium deficency - calcium pills are pretty much useless, but there are some ways to get it back into your system via nose sprays.

I have had spinal menin. before - it can really sap your strength.

Hope docs come up with something to help alleviate your problems.


Today is my first day back after being away from this bb for about two months. I have so much catching up to do!!!

I can't seem to find the right words to say what I want to say... I want you to know that I'm thinking of you and praying that you're feeling better and getting stronger with each new day...

Sending lots of cyber hugs and a bouquet of cyber flowers to enjoy with that french roast :coffee:... WFEN :flower:

:flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

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Goodness! I'm sorry about your recent hospital stay. Hopefully now you're on the road to a full recovery. Hope you feel better soon. Sending warm ((hugs)) and prayers. :flower:


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Linda! This is very important: To make sure you don't go into shock you HAVE to make sure that husband and kt get you up every few hours or when they see you sleeping soundly to wake you to take your temperature and blood pressure: otherwise you might really know that you're home instead of the hospital! :smile:

Glad to hear you're home!



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Do they know for sure if the shingles will affect your vision? I know it is a concern, but does not always occur. I had a patient whose wife had shingle on the eye area and her vision escaped unscathed. Also beware, make sure husband and KT are vaccinated against chicken pox or have had them. I got chicken pox from the above woman as the shingles is another form of chicken pox, and I had never had chicken pox. This happened when I was 30. Good luck to you


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You absolutely amaze me with your positive attitude all the time. I admire you.

I'm sorry to hear you are so ill, but know I am keeping positive thoughts for you all the time, and saying prayers :flower:


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A friend of mine had shingles across her forehead - she was very lucky, the only effect then (and still) is that she is hypersensitive to a breeze on her forehead. it gives her a burning sensation. She bought a wrap hat (I think they're an Aussie invention, also known as Araphat) which is like a baseball cap with visor, but with a long scarf-like flap hanging down at the back, which you can also wrap around your face, fold up, roll out of the way or whatever you need. I find mine fabulous on a windy, sandy beach when the wind is giving me a massive earache, the sun is too glaring and the sand is in my face. It protects me from the lot and then can go in the washing machine afterwards.

The spinal meningitis - did you have a positive lumbar puncture? I had symptoms of it years ago, but the spinal tap was negative. My doctor called it aseptic meningitis. The steroids probably predisposed you to the shingles - sometimes you just can't win.

Are you able to go out in the sun yet? That is a good way to help your body absorb calcium - get your daily dose of Vitamin D the natural way. If you need to protect your face then use your scarves plus baseball cap for the Araphat effect and let the rest of your body get the sun.

I've been a bit absent lately, but unlike you I have no valid alibi. Just a sore rear end from a lot of injections. Maybe between the two of us, we make one whole person?

It was good to see you back on the morning thread.


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I told husband last night - "talk about being kicked while still being down".

It's been a bitter pill to swallow & I'm not sure why. I don't know what rehab will involve; no clue what else is being considered over the next months. My main concern today is my eyesight. The left in particular, with some right eye involvement.

I'm trying to see this as an "opportunity" to learn something new; a challenge to see just how far I can go. And there is a part of me that wants to just lay down & stop.

Thanks for the cyber shoulder, ladies.

(by the way, I had 3 spinal lumbars & all were positive; the shingles are most definitely in the left eye. Right eye has some involvement with some blistering & such. Officially, we are out of the "acute" phase of the meninigitis & shingles. Now we wait a week to see how much more damage, if any, may occur. husband & I are hoping this is it.)

husband & primary care physician have been scoping out various in home treatments & such again.

Sleep sounds good.

Thanks again.


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WOW! (pause thinking) WOW! (pause thinking) poor dear friend.

Hugs for your boo boos, prayers for your recovery. If I can send you a scarf send me your address. And remember always: You are only ever as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside and gal:



okay what else did you want me to say:

Your Innerds are Winnerds? It just wasn't the best rhyme.

okay....still waiting for the sweet version:

The beauty that emminates from your soul can only be captured in the rising sun of every new morning.



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Adding my thoughts, prayers and very gentle hugs here. I am so sorry that you continue to have such health concerns!

Kudos to husband and kt for stepping up to the plate and taking care of you right now.

I wish I could do something to help. Your attitude is amazing and inspiring.



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I've been dealing with a whole plate of family stuff, so haven't posted much, but please know that you've been in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending gentle hugs,