Thank you for your responses.. I'll be ok

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Dollhouse, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I appreciate all of the care and concern. I'll be alright -- I've been to counseling before many moon ago and was on medications once, so I know the drill.

    I think I am just fed up, but will seek someone out to talk to because of the issues with my difficult child (I hate that term, by the way!!) and the emancipation issue.

    I saw another lawyer today; but I can't afford his fee ($225/hr). He suggested I get letters from any place my son has gone for intake review that he is NOT self-sufficient and should not be emancipated, so I will start there. I may just let the emancipation happen because I can't afford a lawyer and if I represent myself, I don't know what I'm doing.

    I'm ticked off because I called the NAMI representative that my husband and I have been seeing and she WILL NOT write a statement that my husband and I have been seeing her regarding issues with my son. Then why should I continue to go there? *UGH*

    In any case, thanks again for everything.
  2. Dollhouse

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    Could things get any worse? I called the first place my son went to after his crisis incident in March. They said I would have to bring him in AGAIN for another evaluation and have him sign papers for a release. They have no appointments and I need this information for the lawyer like NOW. I have only 3 more days before I have to file a cross-motion. NAMI won't help either. My son doesn't even know about this. Considering a lot of his anger stems from his father not being in his life, I doubt he will consent to going up for an evaluation again.

    Forget it -- I'm not going to fight this.. No one wants to help us and it's just ridiculous. I'll let the emancipation go through.
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    I'm so sorry, Doll. Many hugs.
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    I'm sorry, too. It does seem almost impossible to get help in these situations.
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    I'm so sorry Doll. My sister had the same issues when searching for help with her son.