Thank you - from the bottom of my heart and stomach

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    We had a LOWES truck pull up in the drive today and deliver - (snort) a GRILL! The man from Lowes would NOT divulge his information on WHO sent it - and DF was about to send it back as a wrong address. DF called me and after the UGLY grill contest? I had a sneaking suspicion someone here had a hand in this marvelous gift. I asked - Can you tell me ? NOPE I'm not allowed to say where it came from. Just enjoy it. Then I looked at the UGLY grill and said - "I think ....It would have to be because last year I entered an UGLY grill contest and my friends tried to help me win. We're still using it - gladly -----See?" -and I pointed three feet from us - and he made an awful face. Then I looked at DF and I said - I believe I may know who did this. YOU ARE NOT SOooo SNEAKY - But then again - I bow to your CLEVERNESS - I was afterall OUTSNEAKED. (happens once in a lifetime) 2 points to Gryffindor.

    So as I'm talking to my suspected gift giver - The UPS man backs up in our country drive. Well the neighbors were already floored about the LOWES man being here. 13 years and we've NEVER had anything delivered from Lowes. Okay honestly we've never had anything delievered from anywhere. (lol) So the UPS man backs up and I'm thinking - "OH he's got the wrong address, he's turning around, he's...HE's HANDING ME TWO BOXES from where? OMAHA STEAK COMPANY?" I swear I laughed, then looked around like - If HE thinks theres () much chance I'm sending back STEAK, and CHICKEN, and BACON??? ANd TARTS? APPLE TARTS? The dogs were having a field day - BACK AWAY FROM THE BOXES......MINE ALL MINE. WEll the gift card - had a bee on it. THAT gave it away because the only people that I talk bees about with - are YOU gals here. No one else would ever care if I catch and release bees. :flirtysmile3: No one else is so DETAIL oriented......No one else cares that we have a grill that works okay - but really isn't nice (or fit) BUT If I could ever EVER have wished for a friend like the ones I have here? And especially the one I have in you? With or without the grill and the meat...I just never would have believed in my life I would have EVER EVER gotten so lucky.

    You said you're the one that's thankful? (wipes tears) NOPE....Guess again.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful gift, - and by that I mean the friendship and love. You're one in a million. And I'll never tell either. The peace bonus is STILL working. ROFL.

    Much Love & Hugs
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    The BONUS is - the grill came unassembled......and DF for the first time in MONTHS has not come down the hall - HONEY? STAR? LOOK AT THIS. will you do this for me......? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF - OH you're on the phone. CAN YOU SEE THE? OH you're on the computer. THIS goes on NON STOP all day long. AND I MEAN.....ALL day long. And If I go into the bathroom and close the door? Where do you think he is? Knocking on the door - ARE YOU IN THERE? (Well of course not - I slipped out that 1' x 1' window and ran around the house , in the back door and now I'm standing behind you JUST to mess with you.) Sigh - but NOW he's been out there reading the manual for about 2 hours - (DOES THAT cover to cover first) and then went and got the tools.....and then cleared a spot.......and then set up lights....then he took all the parts out and checked the inventory of parts (check,check, check) I'm telling you by the time our son put his first soap box derby car together with this man you wanted to bludgeon him with it) and now - page 1 part a. to part b.....thread nut ----okay------check, check.

    He'll be three days out there. Lemme see ------Steak on SUNDAY???? WAHHHHHHOOOOOOOO. Sounds good to me (CHECK, and CHECK)
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    You deserve every good thing that comes your way!
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    Just goes to show you how valuable and loved you are!! You deserve every good thing that comes your way.

    Love you Starbie!!
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    How absolutely thoughtful and generous and beautiful of that friend. You do deserve it Star and that is one amazing friend:)
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    Instead of a LIKE button, there needs to be a LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE button!!!! (erm....never mind.)

    Speaking as a recipient of the friendship and generosity found on this board, this place is such a blessing in sooooo many ways. Thank you to whomever did this and STarbie....ENJOY!!!!
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    Starbie, I'm so very happy for you!!!

    Karma actually does work both ways. And it is so wonderful when it's the GOOD way.

    Enjoy every moment of both your yummy steaks and the grill.
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    That is so sweet. Our radio station does this drive thru difference where you pay for the people behind you just randomly.. it is such a cool thing.

    I think any surprise like that spreads good feeling to everyone who hears it. GLad you shared the story....

    (LOL speaking of grills, I have one of those tiny gas dad bought it for me and I left it outside, ummmmm I opened it and there was a mouse nest in it! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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    Ok, while reading the post, I confess, I didn't know what Gryffindor meant or was so to better understand (to finish as it would have annoyed me cuz I'm like that lol) I had to ask my oldest the grammar police. She explained it had to do with Harry Potter. So then I had to ask her the meaning behind it as it related to post *feeling really stupid today I guess*. She told me actually it should have been slitherin (is that the spelling? I have no clue) as they are sneaky. No matter. I didn't know either but she explained. Score one for brilliant child dumb mom LOL

    A grill? Yay! No more death trap, disease potential, food dropping, umm what else? Oh yeah....garbage grill! I'm glad your neighbors got an eyeful (take that nosy neighbors!). 13 they say is an unlucky number but I don't think it is, for some it is a very lucky number! I'd say for you it was JUST the right number! :) I can picture telling the furkids to back off. Also reminds me of some cartoon (darn brain isn't working) in which one of them said "mine mine mine, all mine". I can hear the crazy cartoon voice in my head and thinking it was daffy duck? I think it was over a pile of gold or something like that? I don't know.

    So steaks and bacon? Hmm nothing like a good steak on the grill and bacon, well you didn't get it the other morning right (the post about coffee)? Now you get to have it! :) Let's just hope no coffee accident. Maybe you want to do the coffee while DF takes care of the rest; assuming he's not still putting the grill together unless you WANT him still busy? LOL

    Hmm, maybe busy is a good thing come to think of it? Can we get him a job with LOWES putting ALL their grills together? He'd be perpetually busy and not bothering you! LMAO, just kidding.

    I'm happy for you and yes, you DO deserve it very much! You ARE well thought of and NOW you know it.
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    So... I had a no good, rotten day today, but reading this just made it all better!!!!! :bigsmile:
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  13. janie

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    I am so happy for you .... you absolutely deserve a lovely surprise and gift like that .... bless the person who thought to do this for you and df ..... :)
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    What a lovely thing for someone to do!

    Enjoy the new grill!

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    How awesome is this!!!! Some people deserve everything good they get - and Starbie, you are one of those people!!!

    Enjoy your grill, and your steaks, and DF... And I adore whoever did this for you!
  16. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    Love it. Star you are truly a wonderful person and deserve it
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    What a truly neat way for me to start my day. I love reading about caring, giving sincere people....and...I enjoyed reading about your donor too. Awesome. DDD
  18. Star*

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    My donor is sneaky......I think SHE would come from slytherin - ROFLMparsle tongue off. I stand corrected. Smart kid. I don't know which house I would have been put into had I been subjected to the sorting hat...probably Ravenclaw. It's a neat name and their leader had TIARAS. Casper would have surely pushed me that direction just for the jewels.

    I have been so blessed over the years. I sat last night and while talking to DF and as he was cooking dinner I did not need to be reminded that when our stove blew up - Another lovely soul here sent the element to us. It was expensive, amazing - and it was such a blessing. Because of you guys? We eat. Isn't that amazing. I think it's astounding. I mean I just never gave it a second thought that anything "I" have done has been of any great help - other than maybe giving a chuckle or two along the way. But what I have received from EVERY single person here has been mind blowing. You are the friends I've never had, never trusted in real life - the sisters I have ALWAYS wanted. And if I ever did go searching for them? I have no need any more to do so....I've found them all - each and every one - Far and wide from New Zeland to all over the USA. When I say I have sisters all over - I can't name them all - I mean it. It's a great feeling. It's nice for once in your life to belong to something bigger. I'm glad you allow me to do so. It's humbling.

    The neater thing is I've only met a few of you. So how cool is that? Thank you everyone - I really don't know what it is that I've ever done - but I'll keep doing it. (snort)

    Much love and hugs.....
    Starbie - the really happy Barbie - cause she's got all her friends - and they're beautiful.
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    Star. you received what you always give out, LOVE. :bigsmile::smile:
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    You deserve every bit of kindness the world has to offer. You are so very special, I'm so happy you were blessed with these wonderful gifts. This is far better than winning that contest.