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    thank you and I were talking and I showed him some cross stitch designs I have just finished. I asked him if he would like a small penguin ornament. As he loves penguins, he said yes. I asked why he thought they were awesome, if it was just that they looked interesting or because he knows interesting things about them. He said both. Of course I asked what he knew about them.

    He said breeding habits and such.

    "Oh Great. My 13yo brings up the sex life of penguins first when asked what he knew about them." was my response - said with a total deapan expresson..

    Y'all should have seen hsi face! He started tryng to backpedal with "no no no, I know lots about them!" Of course hew as bright red, too.

    We both just totally cracked up!

    He is so sweet and good natured and he enjoys bantering with us like this, though usually the topic is not sex, of course. It was obvious that the link between breeding habits and what humans call a "sex lfe hadn't really fully connected in his head until then. It is really fun to be his mom.
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    Interesting and FUNNY. I can just see the back-pedaling. LOL
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    How cute!