thank you got a necklace!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 17, 2009.

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    Yup, my boy has a necklace. Nope, he is not sporting bling. His Occupational Therapist (OT) gave him a necklace made out of coiled plastic similar to a phone cord. It is to chew on instead of his shirts.

    When I gave him one a couple of years ago, along with other stuff to chew on, he would not even try them. A few years and someone else to give him one, and now he LOVES it.

    I am SOOOO glad, and plan to order a couple more. Maybe now his shirts will last more than 4 wearings. Our thrift store went up in price and now kids shirts are $1 instead of a quarter. I didn't mind so much when he ate through six or eight shirts a month at a quarter apiece. I DO mind when they cost a dollar though.

    Maybe other kids with sensory problems here will be open to things you tried a couple of years ago. It cannot hurt to try!

    Meanwhile, I will just bask in the leisure of not having to scrounge up eight shirts a month for my kid to eat.
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    I hope it works!
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    Hope it works for him!
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    LOL!!! on the Smart Mom Teething Bling. That is funny. I laugh, but I have to admit that what worked best when Wiz was teething were rawhide chews. Yes, for the dog. My mom would boil them in broth and then hold them while he chewed away.

    I couldn't stand to hold them, the slimy feel really creeped me out. But they worked better than any other teether.

    I can just imagine being out with friends and having my child chew on my necklace. NOT.

    This necklace is designed to be safe if he chews through it. No nasty chemicals to amke him sick.
  6. Sagegrad

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    Susie - Can you tell me where to get one? I would love to get one for my daughter.

  7. GoingNorth

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    Mine was pretty close to the rawhide thing. I cut my teeth on the end of my dad's belt. We found the old belt in all it's toothmarked glory after my dad died. He'd kept it for all those years.
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    Great idea. Manster bit shirts for years. The necklace didn't work but I didn't think to try it a second time. Luckily he outgrew the phase.
  10. Big Bad Kitty

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    I just heard about those necklaces yesterday for the first time. We are getting one for Tink, as she managed to chew through the collar of every shirt she owns.

    The school is also going to affix velcro to the underside of her desk, the rough part on one side and the soft part on the other. If she feels the need for sensory stimulation during class, she can run her fingers over whichever side she likes. And nobody will ever know!
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    Hey Sus, if you give me your snail mail address privately I'll send you some shirts manster doesn't wear for one reason or another (not cool, etc). Hugs, ML
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    Ordered one yesterday - can't wait for it to arrive and hopefully save the batch of new shirts we just bought. Thanks so much for the tip!!