thank you is now a difficult child I guess


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My youngest, thank you, is I guess a difficult child. It is hard for me to givehim this title because he is just so easy to handle for me.

He has some pretty big lags that the Occupational Therapist (OT) saw. They put his devel age at 2 YEARS behind his chronological age. At least I was able to get an evaluation by the end of hte year and a written report out of the school.

He is a happy cheerful guy. Likes a wide variety of things (NO fixations, thank God!!), has responsibilities he handles, very good coping tools for when he is feeling upset.

It just seems wierd because his problems are very real, but they do not cause any major upset in the family. We have learned to handle it and it just seems natural to us.

I realized that there were real differences at the company picnic the other night. When seen with a group of other kids, he seems disconnected and much younger than his age.

I guess B's problems were a blessing in disguise because I have the tools to lead us through thank you's problems and let us have a peaceful family life. We are even including B in more family activities with the stress level being reasonable. B still does not live with us though.

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The important part is that thank you is happy, and you are able to deal with his issues well. And it's good that you now know this, plus the school knows it and thank you can get the extra help he needs. Although I know it's no fun when a easy child needs the title of difficult child.

easy child and I have been taking a closer look at Darrin of late. I've picked up on several autistic traits the lil guy has up to now, and a couple he has now are a bit unsettling. easy child is also beginning to see it, although I've kept my observations to myself.

When easy child mentioned it to me, I told her not to panic. He's still only 3, is able to play and interact well with his age group, can follow instructions, and is developmentally on target. There are no "issues" as yet that warrant addressing. However with autisim so laced throughout husband's side it wouldn't shock me to find Darrin somewhere on the spectrum at a later time.



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I totally agree with Lisa. It is important that thank you is happy and that you are well equipped to deal with what is to follow. The school, knowing what he is dealing with, is better equipped to supply him what he needs to succeed in their setting.

Sounds like he is in a win, win situation with both an understanding, loving and knowledgeable home and a suportive school.


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Amazing what you consider a blessing, isn't it? B trained you & it was a no brainer for thank you. You just stepped in & took care of things. :warrior:

I'm glad that thank you's delays aren't disrupting daily life & that school is on board for him.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> just my opinion but it's the behaviors that qualify as difficult child....not physical delays that he's coping well with. he doesn't sound remotely difficult child if he's not difficult to deal with.

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kris, I guess it is just seeing him with other kids that makes me realize how different his behavior is. But it isn't necessarily bad behavior, just very different. And he is a mostly happy kid.