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    This home certainly makes one be accountable for actions. Once you post something here it kind of makes you feel accountable, well felt compelled to hold up to what you say. At least for me. Because I posted how I was feeling and the need to go to the hospital and then my dear friend Star texting me with some very kind words (and hadn't even read my post) I did end up going.

    I slept in, not by choice but because my body just couldn't take anymore I guess, New Years day. I woke up at 2:30p and was hesitant for all the same reasons but the nagging thought in my head was I just can't take this anymore, it's too much and if I just get up without thinking anymore and go (which is often how I have to do certain things) it will get done. I tried to do just that but difficult children put a few road blocks in my way so I got a bit delayed but I did managed to go around 3:30p.

    They were not busy at all. I could barely walk and they wanted me to get in wheelchair but I knew that in doing so any slight jarring hurt. Walking at a snails pace was far better then that. I watched as 3 people went into the actual ER from the waiting room before me. 2 of which had come in after me and I started getting really upset and wanting to just leave. This was after about an hour. I'm finally back in a room and waiting, yet again for about 45 minutes to be seen. A lady comes in and she tells me she's going to start and IV! I freak out. Mind you I've been in tears for a bit because the pain has just taken over on top of my frustration of waiting, etc. I'm spent. I ask her why the heck she'd be putting an IV in if I've not even been seen yet and they have NO clue of what might even be wrong? She said it's SOP when some one comes in with belly pain. I said I do not have belly pain I have other pain but not that! I said that's not what my boyfriend told the triage nurse nor what I told her. She said ok, if I don't want it in if I was sure. Then she left the box of equipment and walked out. About 5ish minutes later the doctor walks in.

    I talk to him about it as I'm still in tears and actually was in the middle of getting dressed to leave because I felt as though this was "bad medicine" practice beginning to happen and didn't feel secure in what may be happening if this was how it was beginning. Maybe I am wrong in how I felt. He tried talking to me and he was soothing and nice (my age slightly younger). They hadn't even taken anything but what I was experiencing. No medication profile by then. We talked a bit more of what I was feeling and then he did the physical assessment on me. OMG! He did the reflex test on my left knee and I almost punched him. I'm dead serious. I reached out and grabbed his shoulder and semi clawed him and he said he was going to do the right one. I said please don't as I almost just hit you and I don't want to do that. He said he appreciated that and didn't do it. He knew he caused me great pain. Overall I had blood tests done, urinalysis, and he ordered a CAT scan. He offered, willingly (if not OVERLY willing) pain medication like toradol, etc (low level considering what I'm on) before getting these tests and knowing my medication profile.

    Gee, that CAT scan was fun, NOT! Having them done is nothing compared to an MRI. I don't mind as they are not confining like them as they are not closed in. It's getting down onto a small flat bed when A) you're in severe pain and B) you can't lay on such flat hard surfaces to begin with. I managed. We had to wait 30 minutes for results of it. The results of blood work revealed pretty much all that I expected. Urinalysis revealed a small surprise but nothing drastic. The CAT scan showed my issue with AS escalated, showed my fibroids but nothing else really that would indicate what is truly going on. So at this point it appears that I have severe nerve pain happening due to the AS (I already knew the spine was sitting close to nerve, now apparently on some nerves) but of course a CAT scan doesn't show soft tissues, etc. That would require and MRI and he doesn't order them? I have to follow up with my primary doctor who will in turn either order ultrasounds (he would have done that but knew I was not in condition at that moment to do more) MRI , etc or refer me to the specialists I need (Gyn, gastroenterolotist, etc).

    So in about an hour I will be seeing her and getting this taken care of. He was STILL VERY, OVERLY willing to give me medication, again, AFTER he even saw my medication profile. I declined because I know I can't have anything as I don't tolerate anything higher. He then suggested Prednisone pack. THAT I knew may very well help considering I've been taking Motrin in combination with my normal medications. I know I have swelling that is aggravating the nerve. I knew that Motrin was not strong enough at this point to handle it so maybe the stronger dose will help the inflammation. I've had to be on it before. I accepted that.

    Here's to hoping that it will bring some of the swelling down to a coping level at the very least. We'll see what my primary does today moving forward. boyfriend took today off to come with me so that she will listen (hopefully better) to me and also to help me and be supportive. It will also help in general with difficult children and the likes. I know that the steroids will not kick in officially for at least 24 hours or so. I hate them and what they do to me in general but sometimes they are a necessary evil to what ails.

    Thank you again for all your supportive thoughts and hugs and making me feel as though I can't back out of doing what needs to be done. Sometimes you need to be held accountable for things in order to do what needs to be done. Sometimes it takes "certain" things or people to make that happen. I guess for me, it's you guys! ;)
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    The IV as SOP for certain "presenting" symptoms is to protect you. It allows swift treatment should something suddenly go terribly wrong. medications via IV work immediately while intramuscular medications take a while. And it's darn hard to get an IV into someone either writhing in agony or who is physically crashing. Also, sometimes they can tell just by looking at a person that they're dehydrated. Getting fluids in can help ease symptoms a bit and give some relief.

    I hope your fam doctor is on their toes and gets this handled and treated. You've been miserable far too long already. Glad you went and let them check you. Hope you start feeling better soon.
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    (((((Tiapet))))) sending gentle soft, non painful hugs to you. I hope the patch helps and that your dr is able to help you. I'm so sorry for your pain.
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    Wishing you good news and healing soon
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    Do let us know how you are doing and what your doctor says. Lisa's right about the IV. If you're in the ER, they're going to do that for your own protection. It's the quickest way to get medications to you ASAP in a medical emergency.
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    Well Primary was a little shocked to see boyfriend there. She had "most" of the reports. They hadn't sent over some of the labs so after reading off the CAT report and checking me out she had to go retrieve that. In the mean time she had their lab take some more labs to reconfirm some of the readings and get some additional ones that are partial to what she knows about me that should be checked that they wouldn't know. She came back in and did her evaluation on me too, though much care and consideration in doing so gently! ;)

    What I learned is I did NOT have anything in the urinalysis. I have NO idea where he got that information from or said this too me (perhaps the urine test was a ploy for drug screening? Could be, I will check the records for myself if he snuck it in in disguise! No matter had nothing to hide anyway so I don't care.) My white cells are a bit elevated but not so badly to panic over. Unfortunately they WILL now go up being on the steroids she told me. Fibroid are still there but haven't gotten out of hand and I will need a follow up with Gyn as per before. Hernia still there but it's ok no change.

    What the BIG concern is, and she DID start the ball rolling on referral to set up several MRI's (C-spine, L-Spine and thoracic) is what all nerves are being impeded on and how badly and what else is going on in soft tissues that wasn't identified. Most likely they will use contrast to closely detail all this as well. With AS you have to be especially concerned and act quickly in case you develop Cauda Equina Syndrome, which has been always a worry with this since I already have issues with a narrowing spinal canal seen years ago. Going on the steroids was a perfect first step since nothing else was done at that moment.

    So now I wait for the call for the MRI, how ever long it takes for them to schedule and they tend to be sloooow! :( I have the first dose of medication in me and backed up with what I've been taking. I've now lost a total of about 10 or so pounds in the last month and I'm not complaining one bit! It can keep going as far as I'm concerned too! LOL

    I can not wait for difficult children to get back to school next week as it will lessen some of the extra stress that's been since they went out on Christmas break. There will always be stress but sometimes it's just extra, especially when they are home all day and don't go to bed routintely because of it.

    Oh and the Nigeria man text thing......she was still at it and I caught her! This is NOT good. Had to literally go in and block that and email now to phone. She asked about passport and suddenly tonight threatened that when she's 18 she's going there! OMG! Seriously? How can you become so wrapped up and in love with someone you don't know in a matter of about a week and be ready to run away to another country? I have no doubt she would do such a thing IF she had a passport and the means or knowledge of how to go about it or figure it out. I don't "think" she does unless seriously aided but someone else but at least I'm on high alert for potentials now, that's for sure! and Mr. Busy, um yeah, he has tried to hack the parental control and email account of mine to get it off. Thankfully he did not succeed but he did manage to figure a way around the 'syncying" of the system to the log online. I have to do it when he's a sleep now or he can block it. I've alerted the company that they have a bug that makes it visible to the user and that they can stop it! I hope they fix it quickly! GAH!!!!! :(

    Thanks again Ladies. I really don't know what I'd do without ya'll. This really is all I have, like many of you.
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    Makes me feel better that fam doctor is now on top of things. :)

    As per kids who want to get around parental controls...........sometimes the best method is the simplest. When you can't supervise the computer, remove the keyboard/mouse and lock them up. Same with lil Miss I want to call Nigeria with her phone.

    Scarey but I see Katie having these issues in the very near future with Kayla. I certainly hope her years of experience on the streets will have given her more street smarts than that....but on the other hand it might swing it the other direction. *sigh*
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    She needs to see the stories about kids who become sex slaves to these guys. There are many on tv.and could be some organizations that have been created. I wonder if missing children/person organizations and dr Phil have links to information. At best if he was the one honestly looking for love creep, the cultural differences would be shocking. Different sometimes if they grew up or lived here (my two neighbors married guys from Nigeria they met in school, really nice, but lots of adjustments....and they met and lived here.
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    (((((hugs))))) - gentle ones, of course

    I am proud that you went to the ER. It can be hard to do, because you don't want to overreact, but when the pain is taht bad it needs to be addressed.

    The IV thing is very normal and truly is designed to help you. If you find a drug screen on your urinalysis, it isn't something the doctor 'snuck' in. Docs NEED to know what is in you before they give you much of anything. Given the number of drug seeking patients and pain management patients, it is becoming more and more common to do a drug screen on ANY patient who has urinalysis done because of pain or in addition to problems with pain. it is NOT to report you as an addict. It is to confirm that your medications are in your system, and to make sure they do not overdose you or give a medication that would interact badly to your medications.

    Taking boyfriend to the appointment was a very good thing. There is something called Emotional Intelligence that is how well you handle and process emotions - yours and others. When you go into a doctor's office your emotional intelligence can keep you from communicating accurately and it can cause problems remembering and understandng what you are tellng the doctor and what the doctor is telling you. It is hugely beneficial to have someone with you in the exam room to help you communicate the problem and symptoms and to help you remember and understand what the doctor tells you. The stress and pain of being ill or injured only exacerbates the problems and makes having someone with you even more important.

    If nothing else, have the doctor write down everything or read notes that you are taking during the appointment and make any corrections needed in your notes. Or see if he will allow you to use a voice recorder or to have someone on a conference call with you and the doctor. Even if the person who comes with you doesn't say a word to the doctor, just having them there taking notes can be very helpful.

    So please have boyfriend or a friend or relative go with you to the doctor. Also keep a list of symptoms, problems and questions that pop up between doctor visits so that you can be sure to address them with the doctor. It is easier to keep a list somewhere than to try to remember it all once you are at the doctor's office.
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    Im glad you went and I also am worried about that thing that sounds like a horse They decided to send me to a urologist before sending me to the neurosurgeon because of my urology issues. I really do like my urologist. They did a UA on me and I warned them that I would light up the test like the 4th of July for opiates and benzo's and they laughed at me and said all they were testing for was things associated with pee.

    We are waiting to see if what she is doing will work before sending me elsewhere. I have much hope.

    At our hospital they hand you a cup and test you for drugs before they will even see you. I always feel very invaded. Its not like I havent told them a million times and its not like my records arent in their system. I found that out when I went to the urologist. They didnt even have to have me tell them most things. They did read me off everything and ask if I was still on the medications but they already had a list in the computer and I had never been there before. They said since I had gone to another doctor associated with Southeastern then I was in their system and that includes our hospital and most of our doctor's in this area.