thank you was offered a job - you won't believe it!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by slsh, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I think you guys will get a kick out of this. thank you heard through the grapevine that TLP was trying to contact him, so he gave them a call. They offered him a job.... as a behavior management tech, i.e. someone to do restraints. :faint:

    I think we're both still sitting here with- our jaws on the floor. He looked at me and asked: "Is it a good thing they offered me a job?" I thought about it a second and decided that, yes, it is, in a twisted difficult child-world Twilight Zone kind of way, especially considering the state he was in 3 years ago when he walked out of there.

    But on the other hand.... it explains so much about the place, LOL (didn't say that to him).

    Needless to say, he declined. He's still working on psychiatric degree, but I think he's about over Residential Treatment Center (RTC)/TLP settings.
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    Oh my! But at least he left a favorable impression with the person who does the hiring!
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    Only in the world of difficult child-dom!!!
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    Sue...the last group home Cory was in told him that if he got his GED they would give him a job and a truck. I still dont know why that didnt motivate
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    Wow! Did he apply for a jb there in the past? If not, I have no words. It is great that he is working towards getting his degree. Wish mine would motivate to something...anything...
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    I think it's PHENOMINAL..........and here's why.

    Monkey see? Monkey DON'T. once dude got to help others THEIR behaviors that used to be (not so long ago) became RIDICULOUS, ABSURD, CHILDISH....but in rare instances? HE was the ONLY person able to calm some of these younger kids down -

    I think Dude would have made a phenominal therapist. So does /did his therapist ...(jaw on floor after that one too)

    CONGRATULATIONS ----------gives him front and center to "WHAT MUST MOM AND DAD HAVE DONE WITH ME? " then

    OMG I did that?

    HOLY SMOKES - I looked like THAT???????


    I'm cool - I'm coolllllllller. I'm really never going to do THAT again. It's actually pretty nice.