Thank You!


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I just wanted to give a big Thank you to everyone that responded to my post "I think we are in crisis". I felt so defeated and hopeless that day that I really needed support from parents that understand everything we are going through. husband also wants to start getting on here with me to read more about how other parents cope with these disorders so that is a huge step for us!

Our dr. called and we immeadiatly stopped the Tegretol and started on Depakote + seroquel. The good news was that he finally went out of the manic state so we could actually breathe. I am not sure how they are working so far but I think we "may" be heading in the right direction. He still has all the ODD symptoms and occasional anger today but he hasnt raged or been totally uncontrolable.

Does anyone have experience using Depakote and/or seroquel and how did it work for your difficult child?

Again... THANK YOU!!!:D


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It sounds like you have had a good result, at least for now.

When your husband comes on the site we will welcome him. My own husband ("Marg's Man") is a regular here, although he doesn't post that often. He lurks all the time, reads every post I make as well as some others. It keeps our communication between each other, at its best.

I have no experience with the medications you mention. Hopefully others will be able to help you.



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I am glad that you found help and support here. It is a pretty great forum.

Welcome to your husband. I think it adds a lot when we have the dads reading and posting. It gives us that male viewpoint of things - which can be very different than the female viewpoint. I look forward to hearing his opinion of things, and his ideas (as well as yours, of course!)

Have a great day!