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  1. susiestar

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    The parade was tonight. thank you wore a tshirt, a camo hoodie, his camo heavy jacket and then put his cub scouts shirt OVER the heavy jacket. He had his cub scout hat under his hood from the heavy coat.

    He looked so cute, but rather funny too!

    I did NOT know that family was supposed to walk WITH the kids. There is NO WAY I could have done that - and husband had a work commitment and won't be home for a couple more hours (refused to take clothes and stay in town near work). I pulled the mom in charge of his group aside and said we didn't know that and I am disabled. I told her I would meet the group ANYWHERE, but if I had to walk with him we had to go home. This was said so thank you did NOT hear the part about going home.

    She was very nice, but she was worried that he would run off as the boys "tend to scatter". I told thank you that if he left her he had to walk home. She said, Oh, don't say that he might want to. I laughed and said not when you live 10 miles out of town! Then she said they had cocoa and cookies afterward (in the lot where I was already parked, yippee!). thank you said for cookies he would follow her anywhere.

    He didn't even LOOK at me during the parade! he was watching the other side of the street. He says he heard me, but was busy, ROFL!

    The other floats were cute, lots of candy thrown - and Jess even got a Chick father in law A cow beanie thrown by the Chick father in law A car. I made her share some of her candy with the baby (3yo?) in the stroller next to us. She will share some with thank you too.

    It was kind of strange though - the cops were on bicycles going up and down for crowd control but never asked people to step back. At one point a decorated 18 wheeler was coming up near us and people were so far out in the street (mostly kids) that I thought someone was going to be badly hurt.

    Jess and I went to the car after that. She was as nervous as I was about it. In past years they made you be on the curbs - no farther out. Not sure what was going on this year.

    I am not too sore, mostly because I sat on the cold pavement against a Road Closed barricade, but it was fun. This is the FIRST time I have seen one of my kids in a parade!
  2. gcvmom

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    That's so COOL! What did thank you think of it all?
  3. Andy

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    What a fun night. thank you did great with his responsibility of waving to the crowd. He didn't even get distracted with your greetings!

    The people leaving the curve is dangerous. I cringe when I see parents allowing their little kids to go out into the road unattended. This usually happens before the parade starts in our town and when cars are still allowed through. I firmly believe the routes should be closed a full hour at least before a parade as little kids are allowed to roam.
  4. Jena

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    aw thats cool, it sounds like he had a great time!!! I know he was really looking forward to it. Did Jess like it also??
  5. susiestar

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    Jess enjoyed it, but when she saw the semi trying to come through and people not moving out of the way, she was ready to go. She and I both get alarmed at stuff. The roads were closed at 5:15 and the parade was at 7. It was people standing around thinking it was "cute" to have their kids run up to the vehicles.

    thank you LOVED it! Not so much the cocoa after, mostly because it was too hot! He thought this was the most fun parade he has ever been to. I think if he had to walk he wouldn't have liked it so much, but whatever.

    A good time was had by all.
  6. mrscatinthehat

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    So glad the parade went well.

  7. Star*

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    The first of MANY parades for my handsome, adorable, smart, going to be president someday - nephew! -but still WHAT is a christmas monkey?

    I'm so glad he had a great time - LOVE that he was BUSY - rofl. That's our thank you! :D