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    My Mom was one of the last people imaginable to be undone by some mere mortal complications. Over the last weeks we have all teetered on high hopes.
    As her condition became more alarming the family grapevine began to temble.
    I e mailed my brother saying I just wanted to be with her and listen to her breathe. She had said that she didn't want anyone to see her like that. My brother packed up his family and my Grandmother and the family gathered round her. In masks and gloves and gowns.

    It is so hard to leave when you had no intention of going anywhere. And still we hover like love bees cooing. Have faith, have all our love. Go with God.
    we love you we love you.

    My over heating cell phone has held up.
  2. Marguerite

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    Hang in there, hon. This is a necessary stage we all have to go through at some stage. It hurts, but this is the way it is preferable - to be the one to bury your parents. You should never have to bury your children. If she isn't going to really be aware that you're all "seeing her like this" then I agree, you need to be there with her. You will be glad you did. I never got that chance, life got in the way and I regret it. One of my sisters was like you, she dropped absolutely everything and rushed to be with each of our parents as they died. She really needed to be there and I'm very glad she was.

    Chances are, by now your mother's concerns for her dignity are long gone. Such concerns can be swept away in a second, and you're left wondering, "Why did I make such a fuss?"
    And in the absence of those worries over something as transient as dignity, you realise you're grateful for the love of your family.

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    Hang in there, it isn't easy I'v gone through it yet I was there also and I'm so glad I was, as you will be someday too. Marg is right it is a process.

  4. maril

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    It is so difficult to stand by and watch a loved one suffer.

    I feel that your presence will give her comfort. I believe the presence of family made a difference for my dad in his time of illness. I will keep you in my prayers.
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