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    hi! I haven't been on for about a week. I wanted to says "Thanks" for the replies. I sure seem to have it together but I actually feel like I am an island. My daughters disabilities have drove away countless friends and family members. They don't understand and don't try to. Our household is very close. We are a team. We support eachother and our motto is family first. We can't vacation or go out for dinners. We are always aware of our little "Bug" as we call her. She has missed three days of school this week. She has a hard time finding cloths to feel right. She has never slept alone so we all take turns. She hates brushing her teeth and showers. She has ALL things filtered for her. She mostly watched cartoons,no tv commercials, no mad faces, or loud voices. Her bedtime rituals take about an hour. Me my husband and three other daughters feel and see her pain. She only wears croc shoes,mostly sweats, very large t-shirts, and certain socks. She chews on straws and doesn't like to touch paper.She needs structure in all areas. She has no friends and would love some. When her para is gone she can't go to school. Although she only goes half days in the resource room. There is a little more info. for all. Sorry os long. Thanks for the support.
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    We're glad to have you here. I think it's great that your family is working together like that. Your difficult child is a lucky young lady to have that kind of support.
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    Hi upnorth,
    your poor bug is bugged by everything! She must be miserable. Is there some kind of Occupational Therapist (OT) you can do to get her used to different textures?
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    I echo what ML said, your difficult child is fortunate to have such a loving and understanding family around. Sounds like, in regards to school, she is dealing with a lot of anxiety issues.

    Have you ever asked her to invite a classmate over to play? With the miriad of issues she is dealing with, perhaps one girl for just an hour. Have something for them to do that your daughter enjoys - crafts, riding bikes, making cupcakes, etc. Something that will keep the girls occupied for a short period of time.

    Sometimes meeting with a classmate out of school really helps our kids feel tuned in when they are at school - it's kinda a connection for them. I know this plan worked well for my difficult child, but he was much younger at the time we integrated him this way. However, it was at the time of his biggest struggles.

    Would she be receptive to that idea? Perhaps the para could shed some light on a classmate they feel would be receptive.