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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Ropefree, Jan 15, 2009.

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    This site is such a big help and I just want to thank the folks who have made this possible.
    I have been so alone with the parent and adhd relationship and went through the school systems all alone.
    When I had the trouble last fall and found this place of refuge and all these others with their own struggles it was like waking up a fish amoung fish!
    I have been coming here alot since and the encouragement and the insight and the ideas that are as plentiful as can be is so new and comforting and differant than that long befor time when it was just my imagination and determination and the whole everchanging world on the otherside of the front door.
    So thank you all everyone behind the anonomous names. You know who you are...and you are unique and caring and it is so good to have this place to
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    Amen to that!
  3. totoro

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    Aw! You give to this place and us as well! Thank you back
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    I know all the members, moderators, the site administrator and owner appreciate your thanks. It validates what we do. Moderating the boards is an "upaid job" and it is good to hear that the board has supported you.

    For me, the support of this board was layered. I think when I first "stumbled upon it", the fact that I was not alone was the hugest relief. To know that other parents were going through what I lived was amazing! As the weeks went by, I was given advice on navigating the education system, medication, book recommendations and just general support and acceptance.

    Most of us land here in the darkest hours of night when our difficult children are finally quiet and we are searching desperately for answers. It's nice to know the light we leave on is so welcoming.

  5. Nancy423

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    I could ditto all that. It's not only the support and advice to current dilemmas, but techniques and insight for future aspects of parenting. I love reading all the different viewpoints! I also believe that those posts that make us reassess our roles and definitions have helped as well. Sometimes we need an "outsider" to see what we can't.