Thanks to all and update...feeling much better

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    Talked to sister and found she feels exactly the same as I She wishes I lived close to her, even though we talked an average of two hours a So maybe after Jumper graduates, we will move closer to Illinois. We have to let Jumper finish school, but she may choose a college that is close to Illinois...she is thinking of Whitewater, which is way south. Sonic can get good services almost anywhere so I'm not too worried about him. He needs family more than anything else.

    Mostly, thank you all for listening and caring. I think I have strong Aspie traits as well as a history of depression...and I do get gloomy days like that one, but fortunately for my medications they do not last for YEARS like they once did! Remember this for those of you who have to give your children medication and feel badly about it...medications has saved my life. I would not be here without them. Most of my days are GOOD days. That was a bad day, but it is not the norm. Feel good about the medications. Also, at 58, I am (crossing fingers) to date much healthier than most of my peers, in spite of long term medications. Blood pressure, cholestral, heart are all good. I can move like I always could. I do have arthritis, but work out a lot and don't feel it much. I feel as if the medications have made my mind clearer with less senior moments than most people get...don't be afraid to do what you have to do to give your child a quality life.

    I am going to try to remember not to type advice in such a clinical way. That is hard for me, because normally, unless I am writing fiction, I tend to think "clninical" rather than emotional, although SOME posts just flood me with feelings and I can give advice with more warmth attached to my words. I care A LOT about all of you or I wouldn't be here for all these years, even sharing embarassing stuff about myself to try to

    I do hope to meet you some day. It was supposed to be this year in Chicago, but my husband's strange genetic eye problems popped up so I couldn't come (he is still having surgeries). I'm sure I will be shy and embarassed at first, but hopefully will be able to force myself out of my shell, especially with certain people I tend to "connect" with. Heck, I'm just one big difficult

    I appreciate this board more than you know. Except for my sister, Id o not know who else I'd talk to about Jumper and her boyfriend ills. You are people I trust, even though I have never met you.

    A few kudos: Step, I find you one of the most likeble people I have ever "met." Your writing style, if it reflects who you are, makes me really like you. Margaret, you are kind and caring and so smart. Janet, you remind me of myself, but in a good Actually I could go on and on, but that would be boring. All of you are just awesome.

    Anyhow, thanks for getting me through a bad night. I promise to try harder to get that emotion that I feel, but have trouble expressing, into my posts so that I don't sound like a stodgy old man :)
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    MWM- I read your thread and really felt for you. I apologize for not responding to it- I was swamped with difficult child stress this past week but shouldn't have let that stop me from showing support. Anyway, I am glad you are feeling a little better now and that you were able to have a good conversation with your sis.
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    So glad you are feeling better. We are all entitled to tough days, but it is scary sometimes if there is a history of it going beyond that. Its great you have the perspective of knowing it is shorter lived and that you can get through it. You did the best thing ever reaching out when you feel like that. I am going to take that lesson to heart. I am so impressed you have worked so hard on self-improvement. We can all take a lesson from that. You are an important part of this board and it would not be the same without you.

    Take care and hi to your sister too.... Buddy
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    Wow, MWM. I can feel the genuine emotions coming from that post. Thanks for that. I have always respected your advice and knowledge, even when it is "professorial". I have been in that "dark" place before and I don't ever want to go back there again. I can sympathize. I am so glad you shared your feelings here AND reached out to your sister. As long as you know YOUR coping strategies, you can overcome anything.

    Thanks for letting us know you are okay. I do get worried about so many of you. It's my nature to worry about those I care about.
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    Glad to hear you're feeling better. Big hugs~
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    Ditto. Hugs. DDD
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    Just hugs. I always figured I would end up alone in a house watching parades on TV during the holidays once the kids were grown. Then they had grand kids. You dont know whats in the cards in the future so dont borrow trouble. Jumper really may move 2 doors
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    I am so glad you're feeling better. I've had those days, and nothing gets you out of them... This board has been my sanity more than once!

    I'm also glad to hear that your sister feels the same. That has to help - even if you can't see her often, you know she's there. :bigsmile:

    ...And... Yeah, I write what's in my head & heart. I see no point in prettying it up, or making it sound worse than it is! ...Except for the fact that I hate typos, it's pretty well unedited.

    more :hugs:
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    It was courageous of you to have shared your vulnerable feelings so honestly, and it obviously struck a chord with people. I understand the feeling of wanting to run away... Only trouble is I might find myself still there. :)
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    Well, that's the problem. "Wherever you go, there you are!" In my case, I was anxious (and still am) to go closer to my sister and my oldest daughter, but I really want the rest of my small family (Hub, Sonic and Jumper) to come with me. Oh, and, of course, my dogs and cats.
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    And of course you wouldn't mind if the distance could be dropped for SportsFan, while you're at it (as in, not "instead of" the others but "in addition to...")

    If we could just shrink the world a bit, it would sure help. This doggone continent is WAY to big!
    (Come to think of it, it does give Brittain and New Zealand a bit of appeal... you can be on the other side of the country, and still not be that far away!)
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    Hugs, MWM. Glad you're feeling better today.
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    Not sure what the previous post was about, but I am glad you are feeling better now. You really have come a LONG way during the time I have known you. I know it can't be easy, but the way you tell us about how you felt and thought as you experienced different problems has been a huge help to me. It gives me another way to try to figure out/understand what is going on in my kids' heads, esp when they are unable to communicate it clearly.

    You are a great friend, and I hope that you have many many more good days than bad ones.

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    Thanks all. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.
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    I'm so glad you are feeling better. I just saw your previous thread - so my apologies that I didn't respond there. I can relate to loneliness.
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    Glad you are feeling better! My sister used to live here in town - she moved about 15 years ago and I still miss her all the time! There is nothing like having family close, I miss that. Hugs.

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    Hi MWM! So glad you are feeling better. We should have our own support group of two - WI moms who want to move back to IL. LOL I miss it so... (Go Bears!)

    Really and truly glad you are feeling brighter and better :)
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    Well, Sig (lol), I drive to Illinois a lot. If you live near Janesville let me know :) That's where I stop to rest. Maybe we can have coffee. I am NOT shy one on one. It's only in a group :) I am actually going to see my daughter who used to do drugs as well as my sister. I'm up for any support group from the area :) I'm going to be driving down November 19th to have a Thanksgiving there (it's NEVER on the right day...we come back to Wisconsin for the actual holiday). Anyone live in the Crystal Lake IL area??? PM me!

    I think everyone in Wisconsin was shocked when I was so excited when the White Sox won the World
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    MWM, glad you're feeling better. I never did see the original post but I can figure it out. ;)
    Stodgy old man? I don't THINK so! lol!
    Never, ever. :)