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    Most of these are of my niece, of course, but I thought I'd share all of them. The ones of husband and my eeeebil (evil) sister....LOL....those came from Dad saying that most of the time, everyone's hands are the same distance from the ground when we all stand straight. Sis said, "Oh reeeeally" and stood beside husband.

    Niece is now almost 9 months old and is juuuuust about ready to crawl as you can see from the pics. Although......I can't help but wonder if she's going to skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. The picture of her with her little butt in the air....she wasn't on her feet. She was on the ends of her toes! Lynne/Thanksgiving 2009/

    Do any of you have Thanksgiving pics to share?
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    Love the pics! Your niece is so sweet, love the one where she is on the floor with her pacifier looking up at you!
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    What a cutie patootie! She's a doll :D
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    What a beautiful little girl. Looks like TDay was a success. DDD
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    Dumb question. How do I get a photobucket place to put pictures?

    ML (who is technically behind the times)
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    Go to and register.

    Once you are there you can immediately upload photos or create a specific album. Once you decide on THAT and are in the right place....either the main page or the album you created....just click on the box near the top that reads UPLOAD PHOTOS OR VIDEO. A box will pop up with a directory of your computer. Go to wherever your pics are and click on the one(s) you want. If you are uploading more than one at a time, hold the CTRL button down as you click on the ones you want. Once you have them all picked, click on OPEN and they will begin uploading. When they are finished, you'll have a chance to title/caption them.

    After you have your pics can either provide a link to the entire album or to individual pictures. To do the album....over to the left near the top there is a box that is labeled with the name of the album. Just copy and paste that into your post or email. To do them individually....when you have your cursor on a picture...some boxes will appear to the bottom. One of them is labeled DIRECT LINK. Copy and paste it into your post or email.
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    Thank you so much!