Thanksgiving Surprise!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DDD, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Background: I have a easy child adult son who has had very limited contact with me for the past twenty years.He and I were "tight as ticks" and once he married his wife preferred to have limited contact with husband and me. Why? I'm still not sure, for sure, BUT we see him maybe twice a year and have NEVER been invited to their home which is about six or seven hours away.

    This week his wife actually sent an email telling me that their daughter had pledged a sorority AND including her email address in case I wanted to send my congrats. Of course I immediately sent the email and included the list of family members who over the decades have had awesome experiences and also friendships based on sorority/fraternity membership.

    Guess what? The GD who is extroverted and full of energy ended up asking if husband and I could come to their house for Thanksgiving. I made sure her parents were "in" on the invite and husband and I are going to travel to their home for the holiday. We are even invited to stay at their house in lieu of a motel. Will wonders never cease????? Fingers crossed that we are healthy enough to make the trip. I am looking forward to it. I've "done" TDay for fifty years and being a guest sounds great! DDD
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    Great news DDD, I am really thrilled for you! YAY!
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    That is awesome!!!! I, myself, didn't realize how important family is until later in life. Maybe she is the same way?
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    How wonderful! Fingers crossed you are both up for it!
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    How kind of you to agree to go there, after all this time.

    You are amazing.

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    Is this "six or seven" hour drive anywhere near me? Wouldn't you know . . . guess where we are going for Thanksgiving? Florida!

    I guess we were never destined to meet.:crying:

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    We're like ships passing in the night Kathy! We are going to the Panhandle and I think you're heading to the East coast.
    Sigh! DDD
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    Can you two plan your route so you can meet in the middle for coffee?
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    That's great news!
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    That would be nice, Insane, but Florida is a LONG state and adding an extra four hours to meet in the middle likely would be a nightmare on a holiday. We'll hook up one of these years, lol. DDD