Thanksgiving with difficult child. 202 miles and 40 min.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. AmericanGirl

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    difficult child called last night and this morning from rehab. Apologizing. Kind. Admitting weaknesses.

    I drove 101 miles one way to see him. He wanted me to come. Gave up Dinner with friends. Supposed to last 2 hours. He asked me to leave in 40 min.

    He is on triazapan (sp?). Leg visibly shaking when I first saw him. Stopped later. Got more heavy lidded as I was there. Said he wanted to go smoke and sleep.

    A guy he has known a while in recovery works there. difficult child called him over to talk to both of us a while.

    I talked with him briefly before I left simply because I needed a shoulder before I got in the car. He said difficult child has lots of shame and is on a lot of medication. He said I did the right thing by coming and ppl leave early all the time. He said either difficult child will get it or he won't. I agree.

    Going to speak w counselor soon. Ask them to check dual diagnoses. Make it clear that difficult child needs a place to go in 13 days when he is discharged. I gave difficult child a list of 4 places that he needed his assessment sent to get on the waiting list.

    Other than that, tis difficult child's problem. Going to go to family meetings though as he won't be there and *I* need the support.

    Thank God for my precious sister who talked to me almost all the way home.
  2. Nancy

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    You are a saint AG. I swear what we do for our difficult child's when they are in crisis. I know I would drop everything and go too, but what a draining day. I hope he lines someplace up before his release.
  3. Kathy813

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    A mother's love knows no bounds. I know that you must be exhausted but I am so glad that your difficult child is back in treatment. It is truly a reason to be grateful.

  4. Calamity Jane

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    Happy Thanksgiving AG. Well, you did it, it's done, and now it's up to him. Of course you're exhausted and he sent you away after 40 minutes, but I'm sure he couldn't help it. He's lucky he has such a devoted Mom.
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    Could it be triazolam? If so, that is the generic name for Halcion and yes he would be very sleepy. It is a benzo and used for insomnia. I am on it because I have basically pooped out all the other sleeping options. It does make me very sleepy and for once in the last couple of months I have been able to get to sleep at night. Not tonight obviously because I ran out on Tuesday night. My drug store will be open tomorrow
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    I remember similar trips. Two hours each way for a thirty minute evening visit...always on a work night. Sending caring hugs of understanding and admiration. DDD
  7. AmericanGirl

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    i looked up the medication when I got home but forget the name now. It is used for alcohol withdrawals and for anxiety. He is on two things.

    since he is going to be there only 15 days, I hope they get him off medications quickly. But what do I know?!? I took Xanax when I got close enough to home to safely know it wouldnt kick in until I got here.

    just trying to NOT think about him. To get a lot done today. To go fo Celebrate Recovery tonight.