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    I'm greddily absorbing all your prayers good wishes hugs healing light. & I'm shareing with- husband & kids. I apologize for not updateing sooner- mountains of paperwork. reams of it. alas no real concrete updates. no real news. I don't know about other places but our local hospital is well known to have big problem informing patients of loved ones of anything. so busy they act but noone ever answers questions or says what they're doing. & so far no test results have been given to us. BUT husband LOOKs & sounds SO much better than he has in a LONG time so....we feel some optimism. myself-im not feeling yet....not on autopilot doing by habit & routine what needs to be done etc......& found bats in (attached) garage last nite & mice in new shed yesterday-lol to my kids surprise I just said oh. ok & set traps & moved on. lol. gotta run - kids to drop off kids to pick up dog to walk etc etc. & the visit time @ hospital & time for paperwork has me running. but thank you SO much for being here. we have noone here in person.......difficult children dhs sons & my disabilities all have kept us so busy & isolated for so so many years-were on our own again for this crisis too. your kind words mean so much.
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    Great to hear husband is looking and sounding better!!!

    I would corner a nurse when he/she comes in to do regular stuff and nicely ask about any test results. If she says she has to check with the doctor (which is probably true), smile and say that you appreciate it because no one has told you anything.

    If that doesn't get results in a reasonable amount of time, move up the chain of command but continue to do it nicely. If THAT doesn't get you anywhere, make sure you are in there when the doctor does rounds and politely but firmly tell him/her that you have repeatedly asked about test results/diagnosis/etc., and have received no answers. You realize that they are busy but you both need to know what is going on as the knowledge is crucial to the patient's well being.

    Hope things continue to improve and husband is back home soon! Hugs!!!