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    O. M. G. I am SO GLAD that no one at Walmart has connected me with Wiz. NOT because Wiz is stealing or breaking laws - he isn't. But he is extremely creative and has chosen to exercise that creativity at Walmart quite often. Because of this the store managers have asked employees to follow him as he walks around. Wiz sets off every toy he can find, has been known to point out how cool a toy is to a child, which ends in a child demanding the toy - often loudly. Wiz is NOT doing this to children maliciously - he is playing and entertaining them. (Idiot parents here are known to park a kid in a cart in the toy area as they go look at makeup nearby or whatever. It is those kids that Wiz shows cool toys to - started because he handed one a toy rather than have the kid fall out of the cart or Wiz have to catch the kid. Wiz has seen enough false accusations from exsil that he will NOT touch a child without a parent right there supervising. He handed the kid the toy because hte kid was trying to get it and would have fallen and been hurt.

    So he is NOT trying to upset little kids. But those various stuffed animals that sing or dance for various holidays? Wiz lines them up and sets them all off at once. Or sets every demo alarm clock for a time a minute or two apart. Or turns the demo tvs to different channels, sets the alarms to turn them on at full volume and leaves.

    He is a BRAT. They don't ask him to leave because none of what he is doing is something they could say is wrong.

    Now he knows they follow him - took about ten mins to figure that out. The last time he ditched his follower and came up behind him and started talking to the guy. Hey, how are ya? Whatcha doin'? What does the guy look like? Really? what is he wearing? Then the guy, who was looking down one aisle where he though Wiz had gone, turned to look at Wiz and realized that he was actually talking to the guy he was describing.

    So part of me thinks that Wiz is misbehaving. But how would you tell someone to not do this? How would you think of what to tell Wiz was not allowed? If they tell Wiz that he isn't allowed to do something, he just finds something else to do. That boy is scary creative at this kind of thing. I wish I could wonder where it came from. I can't. He gets it from BOTH sides of the family. Just a couple of weeks ago I had to scold husband for setting every one of a group of little stuffed critters that did the chicken dance into line of the floor to take video and pics of them. The employee nearby us at that time just adores us because husband NEVER says what you would expect. But at least husband put the critters back onto the shelves - at least I have civilized him that much.

    Part of me find this hilarious because, well, it IS. and because it is so FAR out of the range of what ANYONE at our Walmart would expect. I mean, seriously, HOW do you think of what to tell Wiz not to do? This SOOOOO reminds me of a cat we used to have. The one that let Jess color his white belly wtih a green marker until it was totally green - no white showing. How could we have told her not to do that? Who thinks of that? And who thinks a cat would permit it?

    I needed a laugh tonight, and hearing about this (from Wiz after the mother one of the walmart employees called me because she thought it was hilarious when her son came home and told her about it) was priceless.

    I don't think I will EVER know what to expect from Wiz, but at least he is now using that creativity for good, or at least not for bad!
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    Ok, I'm being totally off the wall here... but... he almost has a gift.
    Maybe you should send him to clown school?
    Not as a career... but there are training programs for the volunteer clowns that go into hospitals and nursing homes and really cheer people up. The insanely-silly good-clean-belly-laugh stuff. Because it kind of relates to what he is already doing.
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    Have thought of it, and he is studying drama in college. But he doesn't want to do anything that organized. This is just the way his mind ALWAYS works. If HE thinks of doing clown college it would be one thing, but he wouldn't do it if anyone else did. I have faith that he will find ways to make people smile, even if it may annoy some people.

    I COULD tell the mgr at Walmart that if they tell him not to do something then he won't do it. He truly would not do it again. But he would work hard to figure out some other way to be creative at their expense, and really, they don't need him to do that. He still would NOT break any laws - none. But his mind is just very interesting and he would see it as a challenge.
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    Thank you I really needed that laugh.
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    Sounds like he's going through the 100 things to do at Walmart list, lol. And no, I won't say how many of those I've done myself.
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    I think Wiz is related to my husband, Susie...

    I have to keep him OUT of the toy aisle... And he's been described as "the Pied Piper, only he doesn't take them away". Children seem to be magnetically drawn to him. Probably because he does things their parents would never do - such as bring poster paint to a gathering and having all the kids put handprints on his SUV.
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    I had to laugh; sound a lot like my difficult child 1 used to be. He did finally grow up - sort of- but he still does funny, off the wall things occasionally. I think they are just born that way.
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    Sounds pretty normal to me.
    Wiz DOES have a gift - YAY that it's all positive, and keep channeling it that way.
    I LOVE setting off all the noisy toys. I don't do it all the time - only when it strikes my fancy. Then I MUST do it. My kids are often mortified.

    Maybe he should have a friend videotape him and his antics. Post on Youtube. Might go viral and he'll have started a 'movement'!