That First Car

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    I can't help but chuckle every time I think about it.

    Nichole has been hunting for a car every since she got into the paramedic program for spring. Since she is still practicing her driving, and doing very well, I kept telling her she was putting the cart before the horse.

    Being a difficult child, of course she didn't listen. She's been obsessing/worrying herself silly over the car, even though sister in law had been helping her look and boyfriend said he'd help pay for it.

    Today she bought a Geo Metro. She's thrilled. I don't know what year it is. But it's blue with one bumper that is red. lol It does have new brakes and a new axil. The girl selling wasn't much older than Nichole and wanted a larger car. sister in law checked it out. Does have a few minor issues, but sister in law wouldn't have let her buy it if it was anything major.

    Now get this, it still has the original owners license plates on the car. I told Nichole she needs to remove them and hold onto them incase the girl wants them back. Nichole doesn't have insurance. Heck, she still needs to get her license.

    Nichole doesn't have money for insurance.

    I am NOT paying for it. I didn't do it for easy child and I won't do it for her. If she wants insurance it's time to get a job. And she's put in some applications. I don't know if boyfriend will foot the bill for insurance as he already shelled out a thousand bucks for the car.

    The car is sitting in my drive. Other than that, I'm staying out of the whole thing. lol

    But Nichole is so proud. And so releaved that the car problem is solved. And she LOVES Geo's. As do I. (I cried when mine was totaled) Perfect size car for her and gets excellent gas milage.

    Yep. Just can't stop chuckling. She has a car, but can't do a thing with it. lol
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    LOL one step at a time ...unfortunately they aren't always in the right order with a difficult child! -RM
  3. Fran

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    Seems like a good carrot she put out there to motivate her to get her licesnse and a job. Good idea!
  4. Coookie

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    "LOL one step at a time ...unfortunately they aren't always in the right order with a difficult child! -RM"

    So true. :) But that is life with a difficult child. :love-very: I too think it is a wonderful motivator to do what she has to do. :)