That Radical Place :)


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Just had another thought....

We have all been through so much anguish in this forum!

We use our hearts striving to ease pain --- difficult child's, those in difficult child's orbit, our own.

We use our heads striving to strategize for safety and sanity -- difficult child's, those in difficult child's orbit, our own.

How phenomenal (and slippery/elusive at times) it is when we refreshingly and rejuvenatingly strive for nothing........that place where there is neither shame nor blame, we just accept....even if just for a moment. Peace of heart, peace of mind, peace of soul. Worth a mint, even if only for scattered moments. :)

That place where radical place where love and boundaries co-exist peacefully. That radical place where we can just BE in peace. That Radical Place....

Radical Acceptance............Man, I really like that phrase! Thank you to whomever it was in this forum who introduced me to it!


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Radical acceptance is a part of dialectal behavioral therapy which I find to be the best therapy in the world. I will give you a link explaining DBT. If only our difficult children would learn it and try hard, they would no longer be so miserable, self-destructive and angry. It is gaining fast popularity in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It was created by Dr. Marsha Linaham specifically for borderline personality disorder, which was considered impossible to treat. Guess what? It is treatable now. DBT is now being used for all sorts of disorders. It, in my opinion, is a big step above cognitive behavioral therapy although there is overlap. Mindfulness is part of DBT too. If you are unhappy RIGHT NOW, this is the place to go to start learning how to cope with your life better. At worked for me and nobody's a bigger mess :p