That Time Again

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    I don't know how it happened so darned fast but it's the middle of the quarter already.:faint:

    We've got mid term for pharm tomorrow. And yes, I'm working hard at NOT freaking out. This quarter completely online has been pure hades. Questions can only be asked via email and usually by the time the instructor gets back to you it's too late to help much. Not due to laziness, she's just really bogged down.

    We've had 4 units. I failed the 1st exam pretty bad. Got only low 80's on the other 2. And our last unit we'll test on the mid term instead of separately. I hate it when they do that. And in my opinion this is the hardest unit yet and I'm not sure I'm getting it. bleh

    The only up side of this is that as a class, when faced with a monumental task, we come together like family. The cincy clinical group had a 12 hr clinical day yesterday. No time to work on the mid term study guide we were given. So those of us in my clinical group all got together and worked our tails off yesterday, compared answers to make sure we didn't miss any important info, and emailed the finished product to the cincy clinical group.

    The study guide is 15 pgs long with answers.

    Another student knows how to access all the prototype drugs for each chapter via online, so she copy pasted them into microsoft word and emailed all the prototype drugs for the 4 units to every student.

    The study guide for just the prototype drugs is 44 pgs long! :surprise:

    So please rattle beads, cross body parts, and even some prayers won't hurt. About half the class (there are only 13 of us now) have only passed 1 or 2 of the unit weekly exams. As a class.........we're struggling worse than last quarter. (gee I wonder why)

    I'm refusing to stress. I surpassed my stress limits weeks ago. What will be, will be. But it won't be due to lack of effort.

    This mid term is an enormous chunk of our grade. As the final will be also.

    I will be soooooo thrilled to be DONE with this class!:tongue: