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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Feb 1, 2013.

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    He was pretty upset about no money. Even though he knew it all along he still convinced himself he'd get money. Nope. Tables tipped, hair pulled, names called......but I just left and the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker got him out. He says he's gonna pay me back and I said ok, I'll see you at the psychiatric hospital. He said no! He went and got his own money by the way..... clinic did not get my rx in and I'm doomed to no sleep, being sick and in pain. It's only tramadol but Ireally need it. And I've been on it so long that I get sick about ten hours after my last dose. Pray! I need a miracle.
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    I was hoping for better news from you. I'm sorry that it went badly. Is he usually calm after he gets back from his time with the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker?

    Did the clinic say when they will get your medications in? Hopefully, for your sake it will be tomorrow.
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    Ever notice that when we don't cave to their demands, we wind up being the ones suffering the punishment?!?!?! It's nerve wracking, simply saying no causes such a tirade! It's exhausting! It's like : We may be the ones trying to discipline, but in the end, they still got something out of it anyway....torture! ugh....sorry, but a long day, week, month, year..... Hope you find sleep tonight:)
  4. buddy

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    The Clinic is closed. I called the after hours people. They said they'd call me but? It's not like its a controlled medication or anything! Cripe.

    Q usually is fine after Integrated Listening Systems (ILS). In fact he nicely asked where his mittens were. Once he gets off of whatever he is stuck on that's usually it. So hoping it's still that way.

    A doctor called, he was so nice! He said it was written and sitting there but no one sent it. He's sending three refills! Yipee!
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    If it's not a controlled medication and you've been on it a long time... sometimes the pharmacy can front you 3 days of pills to tide you over until the script comes.
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    If you cannot get the medications rx'd by calling the doctor's emergency number, go to the ER. There is zero need to be in pain and have withdrawal on top of it. Many people have tried to tell me that tramadol is not addictive and that you cannot be dependent, but usually they have never taken it or had any chronic medical conditions. Do NOT allow yourself to exist in withdrawal. do NOT be afraid to ask for help if the doctor cannot/will not help. The ER here has been incredible when i had problems. Make sure they know you have a chronic condition treated with this.
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    The doctor called. He apologized mucho and said it was written but not sent, he found it and put three refills on it. He asked me questions because my doctor had a baby and quit and he was so nice. Thought i was doing great to be only on Tramadol given the medication. notes about the last he was confident in writing it and I just have to go in before next written rx is needed. He was so nice, I really like this clinic (this is the one I found that will take any payment and I get a discount....I also went through their SAGE clinic and got a mammogram and all of that, since I went and followed up etc....they said I didn't need to come in again so soon, I may just ask for this guy, he was super kind.

    SOOOO, now all I have to do is hope Q is fine by the time he comes home. It will only be twenty minutes now...sigh.

    (susie, yup, for sure it feels very similar to when I used to be on oxycontin and forgot to go get my rx or something.....for sure your body gets dependent. I have never been addicted. Even with the oxy I never needed to increase the dose and always had extra at the end of the month but I simply didn't like the cost nor the fact that at that time was when people were getting robbed etc.....I was working at home so I could lie down to help my back if sore so I asked to go off and had no problem doing it slowly and with the Tramadol instead which they said probably helped me go off the oxy. It works well for me I only take three to four a day (fifty mg. tabs) and sometimes even two. Just depends on my pain level but usually three. I have never needed more than that but she said I can take two at night to help me not wake up in pain so I have done that and it actually works. I get really sore muscles when I haven't had it for over half a day for sure, no way to sleep, start to feel nauseous and get upset stomach the other way is real, no doubt. I wish it wasn't. then if I didn't get it I could just deal with the back pain and wait if something like this happens)
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    Q is home and seems good. He said, I'm gonna try to earn four dollars for next week. I said, I would LOVE that! His food was all set out for him so he went to that and said thanks. HOPE IT LASTS!!!

    He found a medal that someone left at Chuck E Cheese (he took his own money and decided to play some games there.)

    Last week he found five dollars. He always asks the workers and they look around and check for the owners...but if not there they give it to him. They know him well, he is there often and he considers them "friends" so they often give him extra tickets etc. He got enough tickets to get one of those huge stuffed chuck e stuffed animals, it is actually a really nice animal, but in the end probably cost a fortune....of course Q does not get that concept.

    So, even though he had none of my money he did well again...FIGURES.

    See, I didn't take any money away, he simply has to earn it by not being aggressive to me and then he gets three to four dollars and of that half has to be used for a snack since he is out so long......I usually send a sandwich or veggies too.

    But to him, it is like I took money he is entitled to. it happens every time, this is nothing new.....if he does this, money is not earned. Thats why withholding things is not my primary mode of discipline. It simply does not really work. But he does get the idea of earning and on that end he does work to get has to be pretty quick though. (except he is now getting the idea of a two week paycheck and that you have to do the job every day to get that amount.....I hope that pays off in the end)
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    What a day!
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    So sorry things didn't go better, but glad you got your medications straightened out.
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    Thank you everyone....sure is nice to have you all to let it out.....HUGS to you all
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    Sorry I missed all of this. I'm glad that Q has calmed down and seems to have learned something.
    And I'm glad you have your medications now. :)
  13. Me too. Sorry I missed what was happening.

    I'm very glad that Q got calmed down and 'unstuck' and is better now. And that you got your medication. I can't imagine living with chronic, constant pain. Hugs to you - sounded like a rough time.