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    1. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) #1 picks up Q till
    2. Homebound schooling for 1.5 hours
    3. My mom picks him up there and they go to lunch and the park
    4. she brings him to Occupational Therapist (OT) and then
    5. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) #2 gets him and they do their normal thing till he comes home at 7.

    AS for ME.... I am packing things up as if for a trip. Snacks, extra clothes, toys, medications...

    so I can go to see the other school programs which are on the other side of the cities so I will get stuck in traffic probably which is why I have to have so much coverage so I can leave early and give plenty of time to return.

    Yesterday I was told they couldn't find a teacher for Q while the other one came with me so she was going to stay and the coordinator was coming with me. I said NO WAY. so I called and begged Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) 1 to come for an hour in the morning and hang out with him so I could still have this teacher come. They said if he could start school an hour later then the other behavior team teacher could sub. so she agreed and we did that. Ends up better for my mom picking him up because she has a CAT scan in the morning and is coming from there to get him at the school.

    Not complicated at all, right???

    I had to take a cash advance to pay for all the gas I have used lately. My attorney said to track every mile I use for all of this stuff. Especially the daily drive 16 miles to the alternative site for home bound instruction.

    I will let you guys know how it all goes when I come back. If I am not crushed that there is no hope.

    OH by the way.... here is what I saw at the other school... am I being unrealistic to be worried about this??

    I decided to park across the street (sideways) from the school (remember it is the school where the SUN program is and they are just using an office while the SW is out on leave)

    The other side of the street is an elementary school. I see three kids come out and I go outside to change my license plates so I can be outside to hear what is going on. They walk on and on....leave school grounds, I hear the adult with them being very calm and encouraging them to do the right thing and specifically playing to each strengths etc. they finally cross the street and go on thte elem. playground (they have their own) and by this time two other staff and a sheriff looking guy come out and they too are calmly walking along (I thought the adults did great here by the way) and they all end up on the other side. Pretty soon the elem kids come out so now no more patience. They HAVE to do something. I hear them on the walkies and they decide to go get them. They grab the two that are instigating ....the other runs round them and follows....they do a side by side CPI and get them across. the whole way the kids drop to their knees (sound familiar, but THESE folks ARE certified and just stop in their tracks...they loosen up and encourage them to stand) arms out to the side, one of their arms under the pit of the kid and the ohter on the end of the arm...NOT twisting their arms behind their backs...just as we are trained. The whole thing went slow and patient and it sucked to see these kids so upset and being dragged back to the school. They all got in and it went fine from THAT perspective.

    Q has never run away from a school. the door they went out of and went back in is right next to the door by the SUN program. He said he SAW them out the window. I told him if I ever heard he did that we would be done at that school too (he knows we are considering it as a placement and he wants it because he has been there now so it is not scary). He said he promises (but I know the moment he would have joined htem, encouraged them, laughed and been the loudest because it is a huge SOCIAL event for him. he would just have been so happy to be with kids, included and playing the game with them).

    I LOVED that the adults did great. I of course have no idea what is happening as a consequence if anything.

    I HATE that example was just witnessed and would be witnessed daily (or much worse).

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    First of all: good luck with your day! Hope you find things to be encouraging.
    As far the event you witnessed: isn't there always going to be something to imitate?? Specially in a special need program? I understand your fear but what really matters is the way things were handled. As it is a HUGE issue for Q, couldn't you have a plan to counter balance the negative? Everytime Q imitates or gets excited over a negative event, organize a positive social interaction the same day and staff put all the emphasis on it. I would imagine it would require a lot of creativity, but it might be doable. Or would Q see it as a reward???
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    Buddy, I hope you find what you are looking for at the schools you visit today. While I see your worry about Q modeling the behavior you saw yesterday, look at it this way, if he were to do something like that, you got to see first hand how it would be handled, and it sounds as if it was done correctly, and with patience and respect. And, that matters as well. Hugs. Have a good day.
  4. buddy

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    I agree. It is why I dont want him in a school where these things happen multiple times daily. BUT the pros are obvious too. He did improve a TON one year when he had this fantastic teacher who was able to make a HUGE deal out of every time he ignored other kids' issues and by the next year he continued....but that was the year they mixed the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and EBD kids and having the kids who called their teachers B-words etc....(third grade) which started that whole deal....and has NEVER been eliminated. It is so beyond imitating at the time, it gets stuck in him for what so far seems like a lifetime....
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    Buddy... there is always hope. We just sometimes get burned out chasing it.
    You have a BIG day ahead of you. I hope it goes well... for both you and for Q.

    Remember that we are all behind you... again or still!