The Annual Thanksgiving Thread!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    So friends... the US Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us. What, if anything, do you have planned? What's on the menu? Any recipes to share? And, most important, what are you thankful for this year?
  2. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    L is cooking so I will only be bringing a special dish of homemade cranberries and some bread.

    I'm thankful that as I've grown older I've also grown calmer. I'm thankful that I have more wisdom about when to walk away from a fight, and also to know that I have more to learn. I'm more satisfied with the things that I do have and worry less about what we don't have. Of course, I'm thankful that husband is employed and I am working a little bit and don't have to worry about finding a job.
  3. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    This will be the first time in fifty years that I haven't cooked Thanksgiving dinner myself. I've been doing it since I was a kid, and I'm not sure what I think of this! Usually it's just me and my son, but this year he and his roommate wanted to do it - it's not just him and the (female) roommate, it's the roommate's little boy, her mom, stepdad and grandfather who I've never met. I've met the little boy but not the others. Actually, I would rather walk over hot coals barefooted than to have Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of total strangers but ... there's always a first time. I'm bringing the pies!
  4. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    I'm toying with the idea of stepping out of the box and having bbqing a pig. Then we'll do a traditional pig picking instead of turkey and the sides.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I have nothing planned.

    My brother and uncles called my mom to ask her what she's doing, and she, in turn, called me to ask me what I'm doing. It feels like a back-handed way of asking if I'm hosting again.

    I honestly don't feel like hosting it this year. I know my mom WON'T host it anymore because she can't stand dealing with my dad's gfgness when other people are around. Her eldest brother and his wife won't do it because he can't cook and she pleads ignorance since they don't celebrate it where she's from. My mom's younger brother and his wife could do it, sort of (something's usually undercooked or the timing of the dishes is way off) and they have before, but they are not in any better financial shape than we are (my husband is still unemployed). And difficult child-bro has a one-bedroom condo so no room for entertaining. Which leaves us, only in that we have the room and the know-how. Just not the finances or the desire. husband's family, for some strange reason, has chosen November 21st to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We can't make it until very late because of soccer games and team parties. Can't say that I'm disappointed! They are not my favorite people.

    I know I'm rambling. It's just my wee bit o' depression that's getting in the way. I'm a party pooper these days. I'd rather stay home and just hang with my own little family. Is that pathetic?
  6. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I am thankful that we are all alive. That while the health problems are painful they haven't shortened our lives much.

    I think we are going to husband's dad and stepmom's. Jessie sees a doctor in one city on Wed, and then we may drive home and to the other city to see the inlaws. We will problem do something with my parents and bro on Friday or Saturday.

    I am thankful I have a computer to do some Black Friday shopping. Cause I am NOT up for stores this year! Well, maybe a short walk through somewhere just because I cannot resist!
  7. ML

    ML Guest

    My mom and I are cooking for our blended families. My husband, step sons, manster and mom's stepkids and their families. Manster loves to cook so he will help.

    I am thankful to have a job and thankful I have the entire week off from it too. I am thankful husband is sober and that my life has done a complete 360 from a year ago. I am also thank for my family and friends.
  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Wow, Donna, 50 years? Enjoy the break!

    We are going to my brother's house this year. My entire extended families will all be there - just under 30 people! So, my mom will be there, which I'm thrilled about. And it's also my brother's birthday - he's turning 60!!

    I am making the birthday cake for my brother. I am thinking a gluten-free chocolate flourless cake with mocha frosting. I was going to have my favorite picure of him made into one of those edible things for the top. easy child will decorate it for me - it's her gift. We are also bringing a sweet potato bake that easy child will make.

    I am thankful for: difficult child's not so difficult child behavior of the past few months and the good choices she's making; easy child's going to school, H's progress on the addition upstairs; my company paying for me to return to school; my siblings finally recognizing that mom needs more care than we can give her in our homes; sophie's health; that we've been able to maintain our home and lives financially; my friends here at CD and at home and family.
  9. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I think we are going to Corys for Thanksgiving...if I dont strangle him before then.

    Im just thankful we are all still alive after the hairy year we had last year. I didnt even get turkey last It was hospital food for me and Tony and the kids had to feed it to me! Have to admit Cory and Mandy did sneak me in some pumpkin pie though.
  10. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    I'm the Ebeneezer Scrooge of Thanksgiving. I really hate that holiday and I wouldn't participate at all if it wasn't for my kids. :bah-humbug:

    That said, we'll be going to my mom's where we'll eat while easy child and my stepdad try to gross me out (because they know I can't stand to see the full turkey on the table - I lose my appetite). easy child will grab a leg and gnaw on it like he's a neanderthal. Stepdad will make constant references to the giblets. I will eat about a bite of turkey before this starts, then just eat the sides; but not much of those because my appetite will be killed. I usually end up eating about 3 or 4 rolls just to settle my stomach.

    Like Gcvmom, my current state of mine (read: depression) isn't helping much. But, I never look forward to it.

    The ONLY thing I like about Thanksgiving is that it's the kickoff to Christmas decorating, shopping and Christmas spirit. We do listen to Christmas music starting Thanksgiving and I like that.
  11. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    Oh, and the Acorn Squash pie. That's a good part, too. :D
  12. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    I'm ditching my family and am going to everywoman's pig roast this year. Fresh pork, warm weather, no rain....mmmmmmmm!

    I'm thankful that my 16 year old is still alive. He nearly drowned in a canoing accident this past summer.
  13. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The kids will join bonehead at his mom's house for a big Thanksgiving with all the cousins! I'll be sending my squash casserole with them (it's become a standard the last twenty years).

    I'll be bringing gravy, mashed potatoes, and a relish tray to my cousin's house where we're having cajin deep fried turkey with her and my aunt and uncle.

    And then, I might stop by everywoman's for a little crackling!

  14. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    I'm thankful for so many things. The kindness of some people is just overwhelming.
    I'm thankful for getting in touch with my sister after many many years. I'm thankful for finding my brother this year. I'm thankful for FACEBOOK for getting me back in touch with them.

    I'm thankful that my other brother got us tickets for Disney while we were on our shoestring budget vacation. I'm thankful that my Aunt gave us a bit of money to go on vacation.

    I'm thankful that we finally got the school to acknowledge that my daughter needs an evaluation and we have started the process (whew!).

    I have to say...this year, we are struggling. husband got a salary cut and no bonuses are going to be given. His bonus that he's gotten every year for the last 12 years nearly doubles his salary. Even with that, we've been very blessed.
  15. crazymama30

    crazymama30 Active Member

    I am with Flutter, I really don't care much for holidays, just kinda have to be for the kids.

    We will go to my grandfather's house and my Aunt cooks. I am helping (along with easy child) by making candied yams, rolls and maybe mashed potatoes.

    I am thankful that I have a job that I enjoy, that difficult child is doing so well in school, that easy child is one of the most resilient kids, that husband takes his medications, and for many other things.

    I am grateful for my board friends, for they have helped me through many hard times
  16. lizanne2

    lizanne2 New Member

    I am also thankful but this underlying depression thingy may cause this thanksgiving to be lots of work. Couple that with 2 difficult children who are both spiraling at this time well....

    I will got to my mom and my bro is flying in from San Francisco. It will be ok.

    Thanksgiving day football game, I am in charge of the cheerleader breakfast and we will watch difficult child 1 cheer. difficult child 2 may not be playing because of potential injury(which I think is faked because of his psyche 'funk' he is in ).

    We will be in Manhattan and instead of taking the subway home, we will walk by the Xmas windows and see the Rockefeller Tree. That usually brings the three of us together just a little.
  17. jal

    jal Member

    We are going to my parents.

    I am bringing the garlicky cranberry chutney (yum), a pumpkin cheese cake and an apple crisp (per difficult child request).

    Thanksgivings are much smaller nowadays. Usually just husband, difficult child, myself, my parents and my grandmother. My brother and his wife live across the country.

    I am thankful that I have a job and health insurance and that difficult child is doing well. I am also thankful for my family which has been so helpful to us since husband has been unemployed. First time in his life and due to the economy. In a way it has worked out as it has taken away the burden (cost) of daycare or lack there of (due to difficult child behavior).
  18. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    As always, I am grateful.
    easy child is working through the Thanksgiving holiday so I am driving down next week and we will spend the holiday with the four of us and all the other college students who aren't going home. I won't be cooking so it's a little different but taking the time to be thankful doesn't require me manhandling a turkey. LOL. We will eat out at some all you can eat buffet.

    I am very grateful that easy child is back in school and loving it. I am grateful that he is working so hard even though he doesn't have to do so much.
    I'm grateful that difficult child seems to be settling into a new life. Having a girlfriend is nice for him and helps focus and motivate him. Now if he can only get a job. :abouttime:
    I'm grateful that mom is doing so much better since going to baby sis's house. She seems happier and more engaged vs. the death watch that she was on when she lived on her own.

    As always, I'm grateful for a husband who pulls me up when I'm down and always makes me laugh.
    The siblings, nephews, niece and good friends are the frosting that make my life richer.

    It does take a moment to think about all the things that are good in one's life. Thanks to all of you who share my ups and downs and are such a source of comfort.
  19. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Travis will be coming home thurs or fri for the thanksgiving well as to fix my computer. He thinks he's going to stay the entire xmas break..........but I seriously doubt it. We can't afford to feed him and have our bills skyrocket at the moment. But I week or so wouldn't hurt that much. I know he's dying for homecooked or not. lol

    easy child is doing our dinner but it's going to be on friday instead of thursday due to her working. I opted out of holiday meals while in nursing school. I have finals to study for and no real time for cooking and cleaning up the mess after.

    Our traditional dishes will be served. I'll bring the stuffing.......Nichole is bringing a few dishes (she's become quite the cook) and easy child will handle the bulk. Plus it will be at her house. So I can eat, visit, and get back home to get my nose in a book.:D
  20. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Hubby and I will be going out for our Thanksgiving meal again this year. Our original plan was to get out of town for my birthday (also on Thanksgiving this year), but since he might be laid off in January, we decided not to. His mom, sister, etc. are going out of town, my mom, brother, etc. are going to their beach house, Miss KT "doesn't like fuss," so I don't know if she'll be going to dinner with us or not.

    However, Miss KT and I will continue our Black Friday tradition of hitting Target at 6 am, mainly to watch people fight in the electronics dept, but we do some shopping, too.

    I'm thankful that Hubby still has his job, that I'm able to work this year, that Miss KT's behavior is better than it was, that we're healthy, and that Buddy, the senior cats, and the panthers are also healthy. I'm also thankful for good friends, in real life and on the board.