The Antman Cometh

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    Okay, so you know when a company tells you their rep will be there between 8AM and noon? Well, this company told me Antman (a/k/a exterminator) would be here between 8AM and 9 AM on a SATURDAY morning.

    I [stupidly] assume that meant closer to 9 and set my alarm for 7:30. I drag my behind out of bed and hear voices in the yard. I assume it's H talking to a neighbor. It's not.

    So, there I go, I'm off and running, picking up, putting away, stashing stuff, sorting laundry, dragging it down the stairs, dumping garbages, making beds, getting dressed, brushing hair and teeth, yelling at easy child and difficult child to get out of bed and clean their rooms (easy child decides to take a shower!), feeding the dogs, loading the dishwasher, you name it, I'm doing it. So, where is H in all this?

    On the patio in his sweats reading the paper and having his morning coffee, cool as a cucumber.

    The Antman and his sidekick are touring the exterior of our home as I'm running around and just as I open the front door, there they are. They tell me there is a leak under our bathroom sink and main floor bathtub. I call for H because this is his department and he says, loud enough for them to hear, "WHaAAAaaaaaAAAAT??"

    <insert eye roll>

    I left. I packed up the dogs, difficult child and I just split. You should have seen the look on H's face - incredulous, priceless. I told Antman to talk to H about anything he finds and just leave me a note on the table about what he sprayed, etc. He smiled that knowing smile that one who witnesses many marital discord can only smile and nods his okay. The last thing I heard H say was, "But I have to go to work...."

    This is the third time the Antman has been to our house this Spring - I hope it's the charm.
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    Good for you!!! That look is priceless.
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    Hope the antman gets them taken care of. I too am invaded with them. However it is a yearly thing that doesn't stop.

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    The ant's are swarming, if they can do that...they are coming out of the woodwork last night and this morning. I have killed, no lie, about 25 of them since last evening. It's the dust they blast into the walls and nooks and crannies. Then when they leave their colonies, they encounter the dried spray around all the baseboards. It's deadly. Most of the ants are walking around as if they are coming off a bad trip; it's sort of funny in a demented sort of way.

    H says that we're all acting wacky because of the full moon. I asked him what his excuse is for the past 10 years...budumbump - Tsh!

    Have to go sweep up all the little ant carcuses now. Yeesh.:surprise:
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    JO you rock!
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    OMG 2 points for the rimshot on the 10 year comment to husband.

    My Mom had gotten infested with carpenter ants.....

    Nearly $5000.00 later and treeless back yard where once the MOST magnificent 6' round maple trees stood - is just a bald yard and it's awful. They told her they were in the house too - and she gets sprayed, but once she did that - she warned the neighbors. To which they all kinda did the "Uh huh - oh okay." thing and she said "Well I called my insurance agent and had all my trees taken down because they were dead inside from ants. Had any of those trees fallen on your house? My insurance would not have covered a nickles worth of the repair, you would have sued me and I'd be in the poor house. - Mom said within a week - one neighbor was cutting down all the infected trees - ;), but the other one is going to take his chances.

    We've been lucky with ants and anything else for almost 10 joke. DF's friend owns a chemical company and gave him a bottle of stuff to MIX (key word here is MIX) up when we moved into our home. DF poured it into the sprayer straight - and sprayed the foundation of the house and inside before we moved in. It stunk like bug spray so badly we had to delay moving in for almost 4 days and left ALL the windows open.

    I think it must have worn off finally - but we still joke about - LET DF KILL YOUR BUGS.....and your grass, and your