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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by upallnight, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. 1905

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    difficult child just joined the army. This is after he got kicked out of the Marines in 2005, before even leaving for bootcamp. They said in a letter they sent back in 2005, that he was banned from ever joining the armed services. I still have it.Then yesterday I got a message here for difficult child from the army. difficult child came over and listened to it, drove over there and joined. He said it all depends on a psychiatric evaluation test. Do I even believe a word he says? Then again they wanted Janet a few weeks ago, right? .......-Alysaa
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    Maybe it will work this time? Oy ve!
  3. Suz

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    I don't know whether to cross my fingers that they accept him or hope to goodness that it's a pretense!

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    Sounds awful. But odds are this recruiter is just using him for a number. They're required to attempt to place so many warm bodies a month. I know. Doesn't matter if he gets in or not. husband did it for 3 yrs. That's how we met. ;) They are only supposed to go for those who meet requirements. But many try to boost their quota numbers with warm bodies to look good.

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    Who knows, they've been loosening the rules lately to get more recruits. Would this be a potentially good thing or a very, very bad thing?
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    For difficult child, it would be a good thing. He is on a fast track to nowhere, now he doesn't even have car insurance- of course he drives anyway. Monday he goes for some type of test. The thing is, the army has no idea of this letter, and how he's banned. I think when he goes wherever, they'll see that, and that will be the end of this charade. husband told Dan to say some things about how mature he now is,.......(?!)....and stuff like that, so maybe, but-he's still a difficult child in every way, he has to lose about 100 pounds. husband said they put people in "fat school" (husband's words) (LOL). in my opinion it would take for alot of ducks being in a row for this to happen.-Alyssa
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    I agree, if he could get in and get with the program, it could be a very good thing for him. I hope that the recruiter is not just stringing him along. That would be very cruel.