The Army Wouldn't Take Him

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Janna, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Well, it was high hopes there for B going into the military. Really would have been the best thing for him if he wasn't such a loser.

    He was on probation when we initially went. The deal was, he'd be taken off early if he was going to enlist. Now, we went in and told Sgt everything (he stole money out of registers at Wal Mart, restitution was $602, plus he was in the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), then on probation) ahead of time. "That's ok, we just need a waiver".

    So, I run back and forth to this recruitment place. Getting this form filled out, doing this, doing that. They take him for his MEPS, has the bloodwork done, physical done - passes. Get him OFF probation. No issue.

    Sgt calls and says he needs 5 references. WHY he waits until the end, beyond me. Anyway - we take 3 to the school, one for JROTC Col one for JROTC Sgt and one for principal. Principal gives him a good one. On the form it says - Would you recommend this person for the military? SGT AND COL SAID NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then wrote some BS thing about how if he had matured (because he's 17 but still acts like he's 12, of course) he'd be good, but of course, he acted like such an idiot in regular school they didn't see maturity in him. Nice, eh?

    So, that, in conjunction with the (supposed) fact that his restitution was over $500 (which he said requires a 2 year wait?) - dumped him.

    The JROTC thing makes me angry. I'm going to write a letter to them, just out of anger - it'll be professional and all but I'm angry. When they did the MS walk, B was the FIRST ONE there. Only THREE kids from the program even showed. They painted the tables and cabana's at the rec park. Who went? Yes, MY son, one of the only ones. They ASKED him to HOST the military ball!!!!! WHY would you ask an immature person to HOST your military ball? They didn't ask a senior. They didn't ask someone else. They asked MY KID! You think ANY of that was in the reference? NO!

    So, yeah - he's gonna work in town bussing tables making $8 an hour over the summer.

    Friggin A.
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    I'm sorry!!! B has come such a long way!!! He has been working hard and has been dumped on. I think the JROTC needs to hear what you have to say. I agree that you need to keep the letter polite and professional - in my humble opinion, you always get more with sugar than with vinegar...

    I'm really sorry that this has happened to B. Life isn't fair!!! I wish I had some good advice for you, but I don't have any experience in this area. I hope that B will be able to get past this huge disappointment in his life and move on... I'll be keeping him in my thoughts... WFEN
  3. hearts and roses

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    I'm sorry too Janna - that just plain old bites! Maybe there is something better around the corner. Hugs~
  4. Fran

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    I can feel the disappointment. I recognize it.
    This ends up being the consequences of their stupid actions. Of course, our kids suffer but we suffer more.
    I'm sure it is a total shock and a let down. Can you or your son talk to the recruiter and the officers in the JROTC?
  5. Star*

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    There's always the Navy - (I'm serious) couldn't he just try the Marines or something? Can you go back to the Army guy and ask some "What if he" questions?

    I wouldn't write that ROTC guy either - it would leave a paper trail for him to attach MORE fuel to the recruiter. What an @$$ -

  6. KTMom91

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    How about the Air National Guard? He could be a "weekend warrior" if nothing else turns up for him.
  7. DammitJanet

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    If he really wants it, have him keep showing up at the recruiters. Have him do things around there. Have him ask about being a poolie to bide his time. Let him show them that he is serious about changing.
  8. Hound dog

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    Janet makes a good point.

    Or you could try one of the other services. It used to be their requirements were not as strict as the Army's.......I dunno if that's still true or not.

    I'm so sorry, that just bites.
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    Wow Janna, sorry for all the running around trying to get son into the military and the frustration of the references. I thought if they let my young difficult child in they'd let anyone in...course my young difficult child got kicked out within a year or so...

    Anyway, maybe it isn't the right time, maybe in 2 years he will be an even better fit for the Army.

  10. Janna

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    Yeah, next April will be 2 years - so he can reapply.

    That's good advice, Janet, I'll bring that up to him. I mentioned to him about calling the Marine recruiter, because he's called here a couple of times. I think he's just very disappointed and frustrated at the moment. We have both been busting tail to get him in, and to just be dumped, it's

    Thanks, everyone.
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    I'm sorry, this just stinks! Gentle hugs.
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    I have to say that this really looks like a "blessing in disguise" to me...

    If the JROTC officers are not optimistic about his performance in the military--perhaps it is because of the tremendous stresses being placed on our enlisted men and women right now? After all--this IS war time. Too many soldiers are suffering from PTSD and Depression. And from what I understand, recruiters are being asked to pay a little more attention to the mental 'steadiness' of their prospective recruits before accepting them for enlistment.

    If he really wants to join the army....there is nothing wrong with spending the summer working (and "maturing") and then trying again next year.

    Best of luck to him!!

  13. mstang67chic

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    D'oh! :slap: Fingers crossed that he proves himself, re-applies and they take him.

    **Passes the salt for that big margarita
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    Ohh, Janna, I'm sorry. How disappointing.
  15. judi

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    Am sure to get flamed for this but as a military vet and the wife of a JROTC instructor (read: hubby served 23 years in the military), the military is NOT the answer to young people needing discipline and structure. It is a huge responsibility to be responsible for yourself and thru many circumstances; others as well. It is not for the immature young people.

    Maybe after holding down a job for awhile, he could try again. Sorry, but I wouldn't blame the JROTC instructors for giving an honest answer. I do understand your frustration.