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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Apr 23, 2012.

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    I think I may have referred yesterday to my flawed humanity... So it did not take long to manifest. Picked J up at 6.30 from the after-school play with supper almost ready. Back at home, however, he immediately went to the drawer of my desk in which I had had (note past perfect) some rather nice sweets - candy to you colonials :) - that my brother gave me. J had had some at lunchtime and now wanted more. More, however, there were not, since they had been consumed in the afternoon... Realising he would react to this blow, I had bought him a Kinder chocolate egg in compensation. He saw the egg and immediately started eating it... I stopped him and said it was for after supper. At which point... whining, shouting, crying. I knew it was mainly hunger and tiredness but was not quite as saintly as yesterday. The "spoilt brat" whining that really sets my teeth on edge. However, I said nothing, served up his supper as quickly as possible and he, whining, complaining, shouting... sat down to eat it. After several mouthfuls, he was clearly "better" and when he had another upset about me sitting down to eat my separate supper of pasta and pesto, complaining about the smell, I made a face of annoyance and impatience and got up - he then just collapsed into pitiful crying, saying "you hurt my feelings!"... The raging was over.

    After the meal, he was perfectly reasonable and accepted my explanation that the sweets were a present to me (he had had his own present) and I had eaten them. Then played happily with the toy inside the Kinder egg and is now playing in the bath.

    So... no angelic transformations (surprise, surprise) but I really am getting it "down" that he is really sensitive to external, sensory conditions, more so than even a normal child of that age would be.
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    Congrats. it sounds more like a success than not, to me.
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    Being able to "read" the situation is a major part of the battle, so to speak.
    Knowing where J is coming from, half-expecting a melt-down because you know he'll be tired, hungry and overstimulated... means YOU can be prepared, rather than feeling attacked.
    And that is a HUGE step forward.
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    Yes, I agree - don't know it has taken so long for the penny to drop for me. Anyway, at least it is starting to now. It was a success in that I more or less controlled my irritation and desire to shout at him but I missed the blissful feeling of complete serenity that descended on me yesterday. Ah well, another day on the earth. :)