The Book We SHOULD Be Recommending to Step and ALL Other Parents!

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    I have found the book that truly will help ALL of us and our children. It takes parenting back to it's roots, to a time when kids behaved well, mostly because they were afraid not to!

    What's wrong with a little fear after all?

    This book is just an amazing resource, full of creative ideas to truly bring out the best in your child.

    The best PIRATE, that is!!!!!

    The Guide to Pirate Parenting!!! by Tim Bete.

    Ladies, this IS a real book. ThinkGeek sells it for $7.99 (on sale - what a treasure it is!), and amazon has it for $27 something used and $60 something new. No kidding, that is what came up on amazon just now!,aps,392

    Even has it for $30 or so, why I do not know. But it IS a real book and it IS on sale for only $7.99 at .
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    There is NOTHING wrong with a little fear!!!