The Box (a family tradition of sorts)

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  1. Hound dog

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    My mom was not the sort of grandma that spoils or showers her grandkids with gifts ect. (nor did she her kids) But mom always loved to yard sale. And since our family lived so darn far away she'd do a season of yard saling and then send the kids 1 or 2 huge boxes full of clothing and sometimes halloween costumes. It was fun for her, and a lifesavor for me. Those clothes helped our budget more than she'll ever know. And my kids looked forward to every one of them like it was a mini xmas.

    This week I'm sending my first box to the grands. It's not alot of stuff as I only started looking for yard sale items for them at the end of the season. Alex, by luck of the draw, turned out the big winner with alot of very nice clothes and a new coat. Although all of the kids got several things. Plus easy child is adding in Darrin's outgrown clothing for Evan.

    I racked my brain trying to think of halloween surprise. I wanted it to be something nice. husband and I were out yard saling when he suddenly asked if we were going to buy Kayla a Tinkerbell costume? Then said he'd like to get them all costumes for trick or treat. I didn't give him a chance to change his mind. lol We went straight to walmart. Kayla will be Tinkerbell, Alex Spiderman, and Evan the cutest lil puppy. All what they wanted.

    A bit steeper than I had in mind, but husband doesn't get in the "giving" mood often and I ran with it. Lord knows I couldn't find anything else around here cute enough to send. The grands know there is a surprise in the box, but K hasn't told them what it is. :D They are eagerly anticipating the arrival of The Box.

    And I'm proud of myself because this is no more than I do for the grands that are here. Only extra expense is the shipping. And I can deal with that. I'm trying hard not to overdo. Just be Nana is my motto.

    Just made me smile tonight to think of this "tradition" being passed on to the next generation. It's been fun watching easy child and Nichole finding things to add to the box as well. They went thru the stuff left over from our yard sale to find stuff too. And Darrin and Aubrey will be adding in some artwork. Oh, and Travis asked when it will be sent because he's thinking of adding in something too.:D
  2. Andy

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    What a wonderful tradition! :D
  3. mrscatinthehat

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    I tell you what my mom was a famous yard saler. When I lived on the east coast with easy child's dad and she would send those boxes I would get so excited. I bet they will love it. What a wonderful thing to continue.

  4. Abbey

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    Lisa, what a cook thing to pass down. Your kids and grands will have great memories.

  5. susiestar

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    What a great tradition to pass down. When we lived in OH and my mom was in OK we got boxes from her. Books for the kids, clothes for all of us, all sorts of cool stuff. I know the kids really looked forward to it when we knew the box was on it's way. And it really helped my budget because I had to buy a lot less clothing for the kids, and fewer books for them (books are considered more of a necessity than clothes or toys by my kids, LOL!)

    Hugs to Nana, I am so very thrilled you get to be Nana to these kids. I remember the pain in your voice not so very long ago. It is AWESOME that you get to have that painful hole in your heart filled with the ability to again be Nana to the grands, even though it came with the pain of K's illness.
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    Lisa, what a wonderful tradition.
    You're creating a memory that your grands will treasure forever.
  7. Shari

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    What a great tradition!

    Being a long-distance family sometimes opens up the door for some really creative and special memories. So cool you are passing it on.
  8. susiestar

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    One thing my parents used to do for the kids was to send "brown mail". It was a hershey bar (plain) in an envelope with a short note to the child. Not sent for an occasion, sent just because. Usually each kid would get one - snet at teh same time, but in individual envelopes.

    The hershey bars with almonds catch in the sorting machines, but the plain ones don't.

    They were the BIGGEST suprise, and my kids talked about them for MONTHS after each time. Usually got the "brown mail" 3 or 4 times a year, so not on a schedule.

    BUT it is an inexpensive, easy way to send a surprise to a child.
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    What a great tradition!
  10. Wiped Out

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    What a neat tradition-I sure the grandkids will love it!:)
  11. Hound dog

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    Susie thanks for the "brown Mail" Idea. :D I'll keep that in mind. I'm sure the grands will get a kick out of it. lol

    My sisters kids have just as many fond memories of The Box as my kids do as her husband was military and Mom did the same for them. My sis told my Mom not long ago that her oldest daughter (now a mother herself) had commented that she missed The Box that used to arrive ocassionally. lol