The Boy Who Loved Tornadoes

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  1. TerryJ2

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    Just finished it today.
    Amazing book, amazing experience and oh, so difficult. This mother had to deal with so many physical and emotional issues, and keep working, too.
    The writing style was at times beautiful, and at times, into the new, straight sentence, listing stuff, which I hate. (She picked up a brown elastic hairband. She wrapped the hairband around her fingers. She put the hairband in her hair. She walked away.)
    Also, in the misery-loves-company category, she went through h*ll with so many bozos, doctors and admins. Aaarrgh!
    Kind of makes me think that my life is simple when I read a book like this.
  2. TeDo

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    Thanks. I might have to look into that one.
  3. buddy

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    Why would the kindle price be more than a book? Just confuses me, lol
  4. buddy

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    Speaking of kindle/e-readers, (sorry Terry).......

    TeDo, I thought of difficult child 1 because I use one because I have so many eye floaties reading is hard. So, if I switch to black background with white or the softer sepia version, I can read ( plus can make the letters bigger for my old eyes).....could be a nice technology piece for an IEP and they're pretty cheap now if bought privately too. (Thinking of people who need a non white background )
  5. rejectedmom

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    OOOOOOOOo Buddy thanks for the tip. I have had numerous cobweb type floaters in both eyes almost all my life. I didn't realize that a darker background woud help when reading and I read ALOT . Duh me!

    And I 2 am sorry for the hijack Terry. I will check out the book and see if my local library can get it for me. -RM