The Choking Game by G.A.S.P.


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I've heard of that with-adults (actually, thriller movies where gansters are visiting a prostitute and it's supposed to add to the thrill), but didn't know kids were doing it.


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The schools in our district have sent out a lot of information about it. It's really popular for some strange reason. My daughters been choked by difficult child so many times that she can't believe anyone would want to have that happen on purpose. I don't blame her.

With difficult child's history of choking his siblings when he's mad - I can see him doing this. Scary!


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Thank you for posting that link, Sheila. It is a real danger to our children. A boy in my neighborhood lost his life last year to this ... certain he did not intend to die but that's how it ended up. His parents did not hide the facts, but worked to get the word out to other parents. Don't be afraid to talk to your kids about it ... you're not giving them any ideas, the other kids have already done that, but you can tell them that the kids who die doing it were not suicidal, which is what everyone assumes. They just took too big of a chance and the odds caught up with them. They died accidentally because of a very bad choice.