The COOLEST Xmas Toy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. susiestar

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    My kids got some great stuff for Christmas. thank you just started messing with one gift today. It is a candy kaleidoscope kit. My mom found it while looking for something else at a specialty kaleidoscope/optical toy site.

    It may sound odd. A kaleidoscope that you put candy in. The candy looks REALLY cook in the kaleidoscope, and we have already moved on to beads, sequins, sprinkles (I have a giant sprinkle collection) and other things. These help the brain see the world in new ways.

    husband and I had just as much fun as thank you with this. Esp after we convinced him that launching the candy with his catapult wasn't going to happen much because he had to cleean it all up, lol. (He got a catapult kit too)

    I think a LOT of our kids might be fascinated with the different things you can put in a kaleidoscope. It is the sort of toy I will probably put up after a few days and then on a rainy day or when thank you is bored I will pull it out and it will occupy him for another full afternoon.
  2. buddy

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    It sounds so cool but SUSIE!!! What did you THINK he was gonna do with a catapult? ROFL!!!!
  3. susiestar

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    Buddy, I am FULLY aware of what he will do with the catapult. I just didn't want him flinging the candy because that would be a PITA because he would inevitable miss some. I GAVE him a bunch of old sequins, beads, etc... to fling. AND the vacuum cleaner.

    For now he is flinging ping pong balls, etc.....

    He asked if he had to vacuum up the beads/sequins/etc... if he took them outside way into the yard, not on the porch.

    thank you HATES the sound of the vacuum like he hates very few things. He will go WAY out of his way to not make a mess that requires it. (Can you see my cheshire cat smile?)

    I suggested he use biodegradable things to fling around the yard. Even gave him a recipe for playdough so he can make little balls that will harden and go farther but not have to be picked up if he goes out into the back yard.
  4. pajamas

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    I love kaleidoscopes :) We can't have candy toys, but I followed the link and saw they make several other kinds, too - a nature one with pebbles, a space one with stars and moons, some others.

    The mean Santa at our house gotta little vindictive over Christmas when 3 boxes of Godivas meant for gifts disappeared in to difficult child tummies overnight (Not me! I swear, Mom) - no candy in the stockings this year :(
    husband even backed me on that one!
  5. SRL

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    The big hit toy at my house this year are a set of rare earth magnets. These are fun, seriously fun. Obviously not for the littles.
  6. buddy

    buddy New Member

    I know that Susie LOL..... I was only kidding.

    I was just imagining it, so funny. I think you are a BRAVE woman, I would never have that in my house but I think it is so so so cool. I know here it would become a weapon but it would be so much fun....

    (I can imagine once Q even got the idea of it what he would turn into a catapult and then what would go flying... I picture our dear dog going for a fun ride across the room, because it is like a ride at MOA right??? LOL)
  7. susiestar

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    Lol, Buddy. If Wiz was still in gfgmode and living here there would be no catapult. Pcs are just such totally different creatures that it can blow your mind. Once in a while I slip and give a "gfgwarning" not to use something to do X or Y that is wildly inappropriate and the kids look at me like I am an idiot because of course they wouldn't do something that dumb.

    Then I remember that a restaurant group in our town uses liquid cream for coffee because twenty yrs ago husband was at a party there and used the powdered creamer to make fireballs.

    I thought long and hard about the catapult because husband would think flinging something he set on fire was fun. This is why I got the WOODEN catapult.
  8. buddy

    buddy New Member

    OMgosh, most parents just would not have to think that far....but most of us here DO!
  9. susiestar

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    Even if all my kids were pcs I would have to think that way. My husband has serious pyro tendencies. Thankfully he worked in enough varied types of labs to know to be super careful if/when he starts playing iwth fire. And thank you has enough sense to tell him that either mom or gpa would NOT approve.