The cursing has begun....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by bran155, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Okay, so here we go again!!! She has been home for one day and it has already started. She is on so much medication and so drowsy I thought she would hold off on the gfgness for a little longer than 24 hours. I figured this was coming.

    My mom picked her up from partial for me, she came home in an okay mood. I asked her how it went and that just irritated her. She hates it. (of course she does) She began the "I hate my f*****g life" stuff, however didn't go too far with it. She didn't want to talk about the program so I left it alone. She was changing her clothes, as she does 80 times a day, and left sneakers and shirts on my kitchen floor. When I asked her to pick it up she got angry and called me a f*****g b***h, and mumbled some other not so nice stuff that I couldn't quite make out. She is so lazy!!! I told her that she is going to pick up after herself. She then started with the "when I'm 18 I'm leaving" stuff. GOOD. I told her that if she was going to continue to behave this way she sure is leaving when she is 18. To her credit, she left the house and called me minutes later to apologize. She is out now and has called to check in, she seems to be in a good mood. I hope she isn't high, she will be drug tested tomorrow at partial. As it is the sw wants her in some kind of rehab program now, so if she has a dirty urine that is exactly what the partial program will recommend. Well, we'll see. I can't she how she would even want to smoke weed being on all these new medications, she is already high for pete sake!!!

    Anyway, nothing new, I am so used to this that I am completely bored of it. I am sick of dealing with all of this madness. Maybe it's better that the honeymoon is over so quickly, the longer she behaves the harder it is to get used to the chaos when it does surface again.

    Thanks once again for listening to me belly ache. :)
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    I so wish I had a magic wand.
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    Sending hugs. I wish I had a solution for you. Stay strong.
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    Thanks for the hugs guys. :) She came home and took her medications and went straight to bed. Thank God for small favors.
    I hope today will be uneventful as I am exhausted, my son and my nephew (who I babysit for during the summer) are already driving me nuts and it's only 8:45 am. See even easy child's can make you crazy!!!

    Thanks again. :)
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    been there done that really hoovers. Hugs.

    I know she's almost 18 and this may make things work but when difficult child does things like this, I have a couple of different things I do.

    If he's going off for no reason or for one small enough for it to be uncalled for, I ignore him. Or tell him that if he can't discuss things calmly and in somewhat of a respectable manner, I won't be interacting with him until he does.

    Clothes left in inappropriate places? If I ask and get mouth? Well then....I take care of the clothes and the consequence may be that they wind up in the trash.

    Obviously, these things only work some of the times and can actually make it worse. You just have to decide if it's worth it or if it will be effective.
  6. Sending hugs.