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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mrscatinthehat, May 10, 2009.

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    Well it certainly has been an interesting day. I woke up and went to brunch with 4 of husband's sisters and his brother. Neither he nor easy child went. It was at my all time favorite place to have brunch.

    Then when I came home he was gone but came home with a new Kitchen Aid food processor. He said it was a "tool" I didn't have.

    then we went to a grad party out of town.

    easy child has yet to say anything to me which is slightly odd. And difficult child 1 to my knowledge has not attempted to call.

    husband did field the call when difficult child 2 called. What a blessing there. I love my son but did not want the conversation today.

    My mom also couldn't wait for me to call her so she called me instead. Typical fashion.

    So the day is almost over and I might yet survive. easy child is on her puter, husband is at a friends and I am doing this and getting to go hide in my room with a book.

    Hope everyone else is surviving/ enjoying there days.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Sounds like a nice brunch! Overall, it sounds like a nice day. I'm sorry easy child hasn't acknowledged Mother's Day yet.

    My day has been overall good. husband did all he could to make this a nice day for me. He took difficult child out to see a movie so I could rest for awhile. difficult child, of course, has been a PITA, not even a Happy Mother's Day for the second year in a row. He even threatened to "Pop" me one. Grr.

    on the other hand, easy child made my day! She gave me a present (bought with her own $) which was a Billy Joel cd. The best part was she told me, she loved me and gave me a hug! I almost cried. It's been a long, long time time since she told me she loved me and even longer since she gave me a hug. I almost cried.
  3. Andy

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    Here's hoping easy child has something in mind or atleast acknowledges it before bed time.

    Brunch sounds wonderful. I hope the weather there was beautiful for the trip to the graduation party.
  4. Abbey

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    Other than doing the duel mother in law thing, I got a text from H and flowers from my daughter. Oh, and a nice long conversation with my oldest son and a rather brief one from my youngest. haha...