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    As if its not hard enough to get quality care anymore, Now this!!!! I see it as a way for our government or any other intity such as ins cos to downsize human population and what does it come down to? Of course MONEY!!!!!!. How sad.
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    Honestly, I think the public will be smart enough to fight this one.

    Okay, I HOPE the public is smart enough to fight this.

    Doesn't this go against the HIPPA laws? I mean, how can a doctor report you didn't pay a bill to this place when he can't call your house and talk to someone other than the people you've got listed to ask you to pay your bill?

    This is such a load of ****. All docs and hosps KNOW there is a certain percentage of patients (for whatever reasons) can't pay their bills. That percentage is figured into their budgets.

    Patients with long term illness always have bills that pile up even with insurance. What are those people supposed to do? :nonono:
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    I'm going to grow herbs, get a book and heal myself. lol
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    Arghhhh! As if it isn't hard enough.

    In the past month I've been to see an opthamologist, neurologist, PCP, chiropracter, had MRI, MRA, and bloodwork done. I got the opth. appointment the next day, the neurologist booked me for the first open appointment in two weeks even though I didn't have the referal yet, chiro got me in the next day, and the MRI and MRA took only a few days.

    Guess what took the most time? Finding a PCP who was taking new patients with BCBS and had an opening in reasonable time. One who would take my insurance had an opening a month away. Honestly, for awhile there I thought I was going to have to go to ER to get started on blood pressure medications. How backwards is this from the days I used to have to wait 3 months to see a specialist.
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    Seriously, this is my top goal this season - to grow my own medicinal herbs, harvest and dry them out and start using them. I already use medicinal oils and teas. I've started doing research on the medicinal powers of honey (it's very big right now, but I'm not going to spend triple on their packaged stuff!).

    It's time to get back to basics. There are even some herbs with antibiotic capabilities.
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    SRL, I hear ya, I was on the phone day before yesterday trying to find a Dr that will accept my difficult children ins in another county. I'm talking all day long making calls. The county that we live in has basically medically neglected my difficult child by not for whatever reason giving her an appoinment to see a specialist(Endocrine)for a reacurring mass on her thyroid gland. I tried to make the appoinment way back in June 2007 and was told that we had to wait for them to contact us even after I mentioned that the approval said URGENT, Well we are still waiting. Who ever heard of that, Waiting for them to make an appoinment? That was a first for me and the last time I spoke to anyone at that facility that has medically neglected my difficult child I stated that "I wonder how many people die before you all make their appointments" I have had three approvals and each one for this facility has expired. I am seriously thinking about getting an attorney for my difficult child. I am praying that it turns out ok. I found a backdoor (Ins wise) to get her seen in a different county where the real specialist are. Thank god I found a specialist for her, Next step is to get the appoinment ASAP.
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    Well, this just sent my blood pressure through the roof.

    OMG. Here's a scenario. Take a person who has been wiped out financially by ongoing health issues and medical bills (even with insurance). Hey, I fit that bill. That same person needs ongoing medical treatment from specialists and hospital stays are going to be inevitable. That same person, who has already lost their home, their job, their credit, is now going to be (possibly) denied adequate medical treatment because of their credit?!!

    We NEED some kind of universal health care coverage. While I appreciate that the democratic candidates (haven't really followed the republicans so can't say) see this, their solution is mandatory health insurance. It's a great idea. In theory. Those insurance companies are going to set their premiums and with this new information they are going to look at credit scores, just like they do for your homeowners and car insurance. So, people are going to have a double whammy. Higher premiums because of preexisting conditions and then hit with an even higher premium because of their poor credit, which is often a result of the preexisting condition that the insurance is already rating.

    I'm moving to France.
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    You just might want to wait to move to France. Universal Health care sounds good, but there are ALOT of flaws with the system. Quality of care tends to go down, the waits can be outragious (depends on where you're talking about) and some care is just not available.

    Had a friend recently return to the US in order to get decent medical treatment. Know of several others in countries with the system who hate it.

    Our system is fine. The problem is that Docs and insur cos have been allowed to run amuk. Insurance companies most especially since they see profit if you don't get treated or get as little treatment as possible. In most cases, insurance co's today dictate your medical care. Most docs do what insur wants so they get the bill paid. Our system needs revamped. Not replaced.

    I'm in the same boat you are. Several pre-existing conditions, one that's terminal. Oh, I'm sure if given the choice some insurance co is just gonna jump at the chance to cover me. :rolleyes: husband and I've had to claim bankruptcy twice due to astronimical medication bills there was no way we could pay. Bad part was, we had terrific insurance at the time too.
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    I think some countries must be handling universal healthcare better than others. I hear parents from the UK complaining about very lengthy waits to see specialists, lack of understanding about mental health issues and disorders like AS, plus it's very unfavorable to seek out a private provider. Parents from Canada report long waiting lists for having kids assessed for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)'s but that it's thorough when they get there. I don't hear nearly the amount of complaining from Australia though.

    I do think that the insurance and pharmaceutical companies are the culprits here in the US and that we'll be forced into universal coverage. I don't know anyone who thinks the govt can manage things better, but the numbers of uninsured in the US are staggering and that can't go on.
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    I wonder if you will have to sign a waiver to let future employers see this score also? I don't know if it is like this everywhere, but in our town even some of the minimum wage jobs demand that you authorize them to see your credit ratings BEFORE they will even interview you!!!

    This is just so nuts.
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    Lisa -

    France's health care system was rated the best in the world by the World Health Organization.

    As a country, we spend more money per person on health care with less results. France spends a lot of money, too, though they actually have good results.
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    I think it is obscene that we live in arguably the richest country in the world with the best medical knowledge and treatments but only the rich can afford to take advantage.
    Our system is NOT fine! It :censored2:. I'd rather have a long wait with what some of you call lower quality than nothing at all which is what I've got now.
    I do have insurance. It costs me nearly $300 a month and has a $2700 deductible. I have it only in case I am run down by a car and they drag my old butt to a hospital and I have a big bill to pay. And then it would only pay 80%.
    Last time I needed a doctor (I had a kidney infection) I managed to get ahold of my son's leftover antibiotics and cured myself. If I'd had to see the doctor I would have had to have my utilities shut off to pay my doctor bills.
    We can give tax breaks to millionaires and spend billions of dollars to fight wars throughout the world where we have no reason to be, yet our own people are dying from lack of medical care. I read a study just the other day in my newspaper that cited several years of analization and said that those with good insurance have a MUCH HIGHER rate of survival from cancer and other serious diseases than do the rest of us peons. Why didn't that surprise me?
    I guess you can see that you have touched a nerve with me. I will vote for whoever puts forth a comprehensive universal care plan; I don't care if they're Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Aliens from outer space. This country MUST do something about this mess soon before we all die from lack of care!