The downside to reading in the Broom Closet...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Shari

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    We spent the weekend "in the broom closet" with Two Brooms.
    In preparation, I purchased the entire Twilight series to read while we were there. I read them all.
    Last night, Two Brooms stopped by to bring me some more books, since she has now seen that I am an avid reader. While I do appreciate her effort, she brought me 4 books of the one type that I absolutely can not bring myself to sit down and read - 4 brand new romance novels. Ugh.
    Figures. Now what do I do? She tries to do something nice, and brings me the one type of book I don't even think I can force myself to read!
    (Credit given for the thought, tho. I was floored.)
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    If the books are brand new, you get into the car and go exchange them at the book store. If they are the harlequin or serial romance novels you can even go exchange them at WalMart.

    Most stores understand if you say they were a gift and you want to exchange them. Store credit for a book of your choice is always nice!
  3. Star*

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    (ducking, bobbing and weaving)

    Maybe she wanted some more Grandchildren to spoil?


    I think it's a start - maybe.....tell her you never knew she liked to read then ask her if she's interested in the same types of books you like.....if she asks about the Romance novels - tell her you really appreciated the books but ask her if it would hurt her feelings if you exchanged them.
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  5. Shari

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    They look new, tho I can't imagine she went and bought them! They have Walmart tags on them.

    I KNOW she wants more grandchildren. I'd like to give her more grandmchildren, cause you can bet I'd be even more firm in my stance of equality for the kiddos...and she couldn't run to One Broom to do her carp behind my back then...But, unless there's another "oops" in my future, that's not gonna happen (tho some kind of freaky string test that is frighteningly accurate among our group of friends said I would have 3 boys - I have three boys, but only two are scares me)

    If she'd sent one, I'd **** it up and attempt to read it. No way I can muddle thru 4, tho! Oh well. I'll try to hint that there's some that should be hitting Walmart in the near future that I'd LOVE to read..
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    Shari....about the string test and the three boys. Tony always said he wanted three boys when he was growing up...always. Told everyone that was what he was gonna have. When he met me I already had the one son. Not his. We eventually had two more boys obviously. If you ask Tony? He has 3 boys. We never tried for a third kid together I had the youngest two. He said he got his 3 boys. I was afraid I would have a whole football team of boys if we kept