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    Anyone else? I just called my brother in law's house offering to make or bring some food. sister in law answered, burst into tears, told me she was leavimg brother in law and to calL father in law and difficult child and tell them not to come either. That's fine, but now I am having 11 -13 people over here soon. I really do not want to go near a store...but I better get moving. husband's step sister and step mother want to come. Considering they recently decided not to come to difficult child's wedding without ever calling.....$75 a plate......I have something to say to them when they get here. Plus...there's more drama but who cares...anyone want to go away with me for a few days? I can leave now.
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    LOL! I hope you don't mind my laughing. Family creates more drama than all of Hollywood!! You have plenty of company.
    Be sure to take breaks in the bathroom (with a good book) and tune out any fighting (sing to yourself "la, la, la...I'm not listening) and enjoy those who are pleasant and caring and appreciate your hospitality and accept your love.
    Merry Christmas :)
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    Oh jeez.... good luck!
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    Go pick up some holiday trays......kroger has them.........or make them up yourself. Finger foods. Keep it simple. Anyone has an issue with it, tune them out. A large meal isn't necessary every xmas. This has been sprung on you last minute so don't try to turn it into a "I've had weeks to plan / prepare" deal. Ignore any and all negative comments.

    MWM is right. Family will create mega drama. But you control whether or not it ruins your holiday pleasure.

    I got surprised with the news I have the entire family gathering here in just a few hours to bake. People, I've not yet even had time to clean for xmas day! So I had to stay up until 3:30 am wrapping presents so that children wouldn't know what they got from Nana. omg I was counting on having today to clean/shop for food stuffs and tomorrow to finish it up in case I didn't get done (family not arriving until evening). *sigh* I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with Rufus.......who will not only be excited as the children but is huge enough to get into everything during the baking. I'll have to risk him getting out of the yard or lock him into his crate. Fun day for him, not.

    Don't get me wrong, I love xmas baking. But I'd nixed it due to overtime at work with good reasons, even though a part of me still wanted to do it. That did not mean I wanted "surprised" with it. At least Nichole will arrive in a few mins to help me clean prior to baking........only to clean again after baking......... geez

    But I'll make the best of it because I'm making memories for 8 children with their Nana.......

    Good luck, hon. Just keep it simple and easy.

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    Lol....I am doing that Hound! I have plenty of wine...2 days ago his family had me on their sh88 list, now I can entertain them all. I intend on laughing at everything. Hound and everyone, it's going to be interesting and that will make it fun. Right?? I can't wait to see my grandson, I know you'll have fun with the grands Hound.
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    Here's my little holiday gift to you, upallnight:

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    Yup. Laugh at them. Because as long as you keep yourself outside of the drama, you'll discover how comical it usually is as they make fools of themselves.

    TM I loved the video. lol
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    Sorry for all of the drama! I'll go away with you:)
  9. Tiapet

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    I'll come away with you! Today started out crazy and only got worse from there. Traditions are going out the window after this year I tell you for sure! The day got away from me somehow. We decided to change part of our tradition by adding in going to the movies before going out to dinner. I think that threw the monkey wrench into it all.

    No one was ready. About an hour before time to leave suddenly everyone decided they needed to get a shower! That is except for mr busy who was refusing to get one (and he needed one the worst!). Rushing around started and begging everyone to hurry up so we could make the time for the movie with a 45 minute drive. Once out the door the choas in the car started with the bickering. Get to the movie theater and the stupid reward point card worked at the ticket booth but then at concession stand the girl tries to tell me it needs to be activated! What? It was just working fine. Somehow between using it and walking in and to the stand it deactivated. No clue how that would happen.

    Once in to the movie it didn't start on time and I think we watched at least a half hour of commercials. No kidding, actual commerical for television shows coming up and also products. No your typical movie trailors, oh no. They were to come after the commercials still. Once movie started about halfway into it suddenly the power went out! The whole theater. Apparently in some theaters it blipped twice but in ours it went out once and stayed out for a good half hour. They did come in an apologize and said they were working on it and it would be back up shortly.

    Movie over and as we go to walk out the staff was handing out readmittance tickets so we effectively get to go another time for free. That was nice of them! :) Kids started arguing all over again once into the car as we're headed to where we were going to eat. I went the wrong way and we had to double back. We get there and the place has a photo copied sign stating they had increased their prices for the evening, Christmas day and New years! Really? It's just a chinese buffet and they didn't change anything on it. We hadn't budgeted for that so no way we could do it since they jumped it $3 (nor would I pay that kind of price for a chinese buffet anyway).

    Back into the car with the 2 younger difficult children going at it even more now, ms queen the worst because now you are messing with food and she has issues with that. We had to come up with an alternative plan but since the timing was late now I knew it was going to be a problem. I had preplanned timing for that place knowing the hours it was going to be open. Ok so I decided we'll head back home way and figure it out along the way. Decided on pizza. Logic told me most likely should be open. NOPE! They had all closed down. Subway? Nope closed. Ah ha! McDonalds, especialy one by us as they are 24/7 NOPE! CLOSED! Are you kidding me? I could not believe it. So now I have starving kids and no where is open so it seems. Finally found BK open.

    Great but now another problem. SO lost his keys! Apparently they dropped out in the movie theater, or so he thinks. He had to call theater. We won't know if they find them until after 11 tonight! :( Bad because it has car alarm, house keys and a few other keys on it as well. He didn't even notice them missing. Apparently mr busy dumped his jacket on the floor during movie. Girls had gone in 1 movie with me and mr busy with him to see a different one. He's upset with difficult child now. I'm upset because murphy's law always happens and I can just see these keys aren't going to turn up! So not good right now.

    I REALLY hope that all this turns around later. Tomorrow? Soon!

    I'm ready to run away. Feels like a bad omen coming on.
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    Oh we could put all this on TV! Tiapet bring your family here! I ended up ordering all my food from an Italian restaurant. I already put every Christmas item away. One of my kids is not even awake yet. My easy child's girlfriend was sleeping here last night but threw a fit on easy child, she decided my easy child was a jerk because he made a bad decision in a VIDEO GAME and got mad at him!!!!! He drove her home at 10pm. Her entire stocking from husband and I is going to my brand new daughter in law! She will love everything. I have a mouth, these relatives are CRAZY and I am not afraid to tell them....ha ha....they already hate me. I am staying drunk on wine. I can see how the police are busy on Christmas....HUGS to all my CD friends!
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    Don't feel bad I just got cursed out by my difficult child because I did not give him money for Christmas or any other gift for that matter.
  12. Tiapet

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    So ladies, did the drama change any? Keys didn't show up at the theater (who actually DID call back to say they checked). I have no clue where they will be now and he's always losing them. Funny thing is, for his birthday I bought him one of those fobs you put on so you can find them. Yeah, thing kept falling apart (backing) so he TOOK IT OFF! Really helpful now when you CAN'T FIND YOUR KEYS right? LMBO!

    Kids did semi ok with Christmas morning other then bugging to get it rolling. The girls were in tears over their big/major gift as it was an unexpected gift. Something they would have never thought we'd have given them each. Mr. busy didn't expect what we got him either but he's not like the girls with emotions. He was super excited but for Aspie it just showed in hyperfocus in "let me play with it now" talk, talk, talk about it and nothing else over everyone else's conversation, interupting everyone etc.

    All in all, it's has now turned into peaceful calm. Just no keys. :(

    Hope everyone elses' has turned for the better too.
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    Things changed. Tonight is the 26th and my last guest just left. For the past 3 nights I hosted parties. This night was the best! There were no relatives, just good friends and good food. I am exhausted, but everyone had fun. I did complain earlier, but just to you guys. On a side note, my husband ran away to Canada just a few hours before this last party. He took my one easy child, they are driving my father in law home, he came here for difficult child's wedding. For some reason, they just up and left before the guests tonight were to arrive. It was fine without him, husband was overloaded I think. My one brother in law called and wanted husband and I said, Oh, he took pop home, brother in law said wth, pop never said goodbye. It was so spur of the moment. This was the one party he would have enjoyed. I hope all of you had fun and made the best of whatever or whoever was on hand.